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Anyone ever....

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I'm not suggesting one should not be concerned with jumping deer, but for every one you jump, some other hunter in the area may be doing the same thing and sending others your way.
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Originally Posted by Father Forkhorn
I'm not suggesting one should not be concerned with jumping deer, but for every one you jump, some other hunter in the area may be doing the same thing and sending others your way.

never thought of it that way.. thanks
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Yes, jumped deer in the dark going in 75 yards from my stand and saw deer about an hour later.
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I used to think the same way, that a spooked deer would ruin the day. That was until one morning about 5 years back I shot low and missed a 4 point at 12 yards. As upset as I was at such a terrible miss, I kept my compsure and waited to see what would happen. The buck spooked a bit, trotted back about 15 yards and then to my surprise, came back to the previous spot and actually sniffed my arrow which was exposed about mid shaft back. I fired another arrow and unbelieveably missed low again. The buck spooked again, trotted back about 15 yards and again came back to the spot of the two missed shots. As I drew for a third time, Murphy reared his ugly head and the plastic tubing on my peep sight broke with a loud snap. That deer thought enough was enough and broke out at a full run over the ridge and out of sight. This entire encounter lasted about 10 minutes grand total ( although it felt like years). This was only about 730am and I assumed my hunt was done for the day. I was able to rig my peep sight to an operational level and stayed on stand lamenting my poor shooting. As I did a doe and some fawns entered the area. I watched those deer for about an hour when two more does entered the area.From there a steady flow of deer came and went (none presenting a shot) until 1145 that morning.

I learned a few things that day, too much practice is never enough (especially from a treestand), plastic tubing on peep sights can be a liability if not maintained properly, a spooked deer doesnt ruin a hunt necessarily, and even though I felt like crap for missing such an easy opportunity, watching those deer in and out reminded me why I am so damn happy to be in the deer woods on even the worst of days.
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Yes, and every time it happens before sun-up, I think it startles me as much as the deer I walked up on.
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I wouldn't pay it much mind. just plan to avoid that area better next time though.

FYI Spooked deer like to run a ruff figure 8 to escape danger. I have seen them throw dogs for hours by doing a ruff figure 8 then jumping off the trail for all they are worth. then sit still and watch the dog stand at the intersection just completely baffled. The old ones seem to enjoy watching the dogs run their trail for hours and getting nothing but tired and completely baffled.
Its kind of funny to me too now that I think of it.
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shhhhhhhhhhhhhh it happens (thanks sugarland)

kills your mood, discourages you too...but deer still come back if it happens...get there way early and you will have no issues
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I imagine, we spook alot of deer and dont even know it, when its pitch dark out.
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You kick up a deer or two on the way to your stand and you assume it's a negative thing. Maybe that deer you kicked up was a hot doe. She was feeding all night and tired from bucks chasing her. Maybe she was planning on laying low all day. Now she's up and a couple hours later she comes back with the big dog on her tail. Think positive in the stand.
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