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i need help please

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Default i need help please

i have a property that is in the middle of two corn fields which are not on the property. my property has trails on it like crazy from all the deer activity but i have yet to see a deer on my property is there anything i can do to get them to stay on my property to hunt them please help also i put down deer cane and mineral licks throughout the property and they are all gone and eatin up so the deer are there
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Most likely the deer are bedding and eating right in the corn and there's no reason to leave the corn...

...unless you can find water. If you can, then you have an ambush point. If you can somehow get a tub and fill it with water in a secluded area, the deer will get a drink from there as they need to drink quite a bit a day if their food doesn't provide enough moisture. Instead of guessing when the deer are drinking, you can set timers or game trail cameras to find out when they are there.

They're mainly using your property to go back and forth between the 2 cornfields... and mostly under the cover of darkness. Your products you placed out are simply a treat for them as they walk by. LOL!

Don't disturb your place too much or you'll get them to skirt certain areas or worse yet, not even come close until it's after dark. It would have helped if you said how big the properties are and if there's roads between your property and the 2 adjacent cornfields.

If you're hunting early in the am and doing an evening hunt, I'd try a middle of the afternoon hunt too. Maybe they're moving in the middle of the day?

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there is no road between the adjacent cornfields just hardwoods which is my property. no when i put this watering barrel out how will i be able to get the deer to become day deer instead of night deer this is my first year hunting with a bow and on private property

thank you
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ya once that corn gets out of there, be ready!

but also improving cover on your piece could help, once that corns gone if there is little cover on your land, they're gonna go elsewhere with more cover.

try a decoy sometime perhaps.
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You don't say where you are so I don't know when the corn will come down but when it does things will be much better. If at all possible try to be in there when they start running the combine thru the corn. It's only one day but it may be the dandy.
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Yep, ask your neighbors to keep you informed when they start combining. Those deer will leave the corn when it gets too thin to hide in, and head accross your land to the other field or stay on your land once both fields are gone. I've watched them many times just move over enough rows to avoid the combine as it passes, until there is no place left to hide. They may also move accross during the rut to find a doe. Thats when they will move more during the daylight hours and doe scents might draw them and hold them at least long enough for a shot. Use legal foods or minerals to keep the does around more and the bucks will follow the does when the hormones kick in.
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thank you all you have helped alot also my property is thick with cover it is all spruce and hardwoods i hope that is good the owner of the property has told me that in the winter all he can see is deer but like i said we have yet to see anything maybe they are just useing it to bed in the winter and not this early also i have found about 25 scrapes from last year and 14 sheds some as big as 15 points with downtines so the property has great potential again thank you all for your help
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