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Hunting alone

Old 10-14-2009, 06:29 PM
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Default Hunting alone

I hunt on public land, often times by myself. My wife doesn't like the fact that I'm out there with a bunch of other people with guns. Honestly.... it makes be a bit edgy too.
Do you guys hunt alone during the gun season?
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Almost always. It's not a concern for me to have others out there with guns. It's a concern if I'm shot at because I'd have to think if I have the restraint to not fire back. LOL!

My main concern is walking around in the low light. You never know with some idiots out there that shouldn't be. I do carry a flash light about 1/2 the time and a cell phone almost always. The phone is on vibrate so not to get disturbed whilst I'm getting my 450 yard groove on. LOL!

I like hunting alone, yet I like the company of others to teach, learn and share the moments with.

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I hunt with my son on his days off but other times I'm usally alone
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me and my dad hunt together
im the one who got him into the outdoors D
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Normally with rifles I hunt alone, but with shotguns I hunt with others.
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I hunt alone in large wilderness areas all the time. To make it worse nobody knows where I am. I move around a lot and do a lot of tracking. I might be here today and 25 miles away tomorrow. I check in every evening. I also plan to spend the night in the woods every time out. If something happens they will have to look for my truck and go from there. Be prepared and you should be OK.
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Originally Posted by magicman54494 View Post
I hunt alone in large wilderness areas all the time.

Ditto. It has driven my wife nuts over the years, but frankly, much of the area is hit or miss with cell reception, and I'm so far back that even if hunting with multiple hunters, your pretty much screwed if badly injured. In fact, the more hunters, firearms, and grab assin that goes on, the bigger the chance bad chit happens.

There are a few golden rules to live by , hunting this way: ALWAYS carry compass/map, and don't step on, what you can step over.
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Most of the time I hunt alone. I try to hunt the deep woods so most places that I hunt have light to moderate hunting pressure.

I always try to follow a few simple safety rules.

- I tell someone where I'm going and an estimated time of when I expect to return.
- Carry a cell phone in areas where you have coverage.
- I also wear orange, normally a hat and vest. If I'm hunting brushier areas, I'll wear more orange than normal(coat instead of a vest).
- If an area doesn't feel safe for whatever reason, I will usually pass on hunting there.
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I leave a note on my wipers saying when I expect t return. Put it in a baggie to keep dry. I always have a late return as I don't leave a post until dark dark. I always tell someone approx where I am at and do have a cell but tiurned off most times.
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Thanks guys. I hunted this morning... by myself
My first stop, maybe a 4-500 acre area, had five vehicles parked in the lot. I skipped that one as I'm not too trusting of having to walk by that many people in low light... even with blaze orange and a light.
Second stop had no one. Saw one doe way out of my comfort range with a muzzle loader and open sights. Saw lots of turkeys though.
Thanks again for the input.
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