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i have actually never lost a deer bowhunting, but I have lost three shotgun hunting. The reason I lost three with a shotgun is because I assumed gun hunting was "easy" and I did not put in the time practicing with my slug gun like I did with my bow. My bow on the other hand I spent hours practicing with and have had very good luck, seldomly having an animal go more than 70 yards. I dont think the weapon is blame for lost deer, it is a matter of the hunter proficiency with the weapon and the choices he/she makes.

I also have set rules for taking a bow shot
1. nothing quartering to me at all, ever.
2. nothing quartering away at more than a 45 degree angle
3. nothing over 30 yards.

I think if more people followed those guides there wouldnt be many lost bow shot deer.
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I somewhat agree with brushbustin. Some hunters don't belong bowhunting, it's alot different than shooting 3D or target practicing. Before you attack me also, know I have killed over 20 bucks with a bow hunting in the 5 years I have been bowhunting seriously.

I lose one every couple years and it happens to most everyone that bow hunts around me. The problem with bow hunting is the broadhead does not provide the traumatic shock and knock down power of a firearm. You just wait for the deer to bleed out. I love to bow hunt, but it's not for everyone....
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Originally Posted by magicman54494
Maybe you should glue vanes to their ribcages and wait for them to get 40 yds. away

That is hilarious! I am with the majority on this.
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Originally Posted by Super G Force
If you "do your job with shot placement" with a bow it is impossible to lose a deer also. It is all a never ending battle!!
Agreed. The difference being it is much easier to do your job with a rifle. I don't think many people would disagree with the statement that more deer are lost from bowhunting.
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Default practice, and willingness to learn

I'm Darrel the friend of shawnfogelman, who made an earlier post. I've shot five deer in the last two years, so far, and have recovered all of them. The furthest I've had to track one is 60 yrds, and let me tell you all those shots haven't been perfect shots, But I do spend alot of time shooting, scouting, reading, and double checking my gear. Shawn is right, it's not the dollar amount, it's the time and effort. I do have to say that I have missed a couple and it was my fault, but one thing I did do, which isn't cheap is buy a range finder for bow hunting but, I was killing deer without it, not wounding them.
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With a good shot to the vitals the deer is going to die with in ten minutes or less, what are you using field tips.
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First of all, you even admitted you took a bad shot at one. How idiotic was that?!!!!
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Originally Posted by Stonewall308
Agreed. The difference being it is much easier to do your job with a rifle. I don't think many people would disagree with the statement that more deer are lost from bowhunting.
It is easier for some to do their job with a rifle but I do have to wonder how many people are taking 300 yard shots with their rifle. I wouldn't consider that an easier job than a 30 yard shot with a bow.
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Originally Posted by brushbustin
This is very amuseing..Keep it coming douche bags!!
You opened the can....didn't you?
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im an avid bowhunter but im also a rifle hunter & to be honest with u i have killed way more animals with my bow than i have my rifle & thats only because i enjoy bowhunning more than i do gun hunning, but i will tell u that i to have lost a few deer due to poor shot placement, i have never lost a deer to good shot placement but ive seen it happen & some of it is because of poor tracking jobs & others are a mystery, on the other hand i have also been on deer leases where deer/hogs had been shot with big bad 7mags & 300mags & to were never found so i believe it isnt the choice of weapon, but the indian that is handleing it regardless it can happen in both categories & that is y i dont hate on anybodies preference of hunning
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