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Use of Flashlights

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Default I have everyone's solution!!!

I use a product call Invisible Trail Glow . Its a spray that is invisible to everyone even with a flashlight. You use a UV flashlight and it glows super bright. You can be extremely stealth . The stuff lasts for years. I even use it in a new area when I want to go in with a portable because it smells like vanilla. No tacks to remove and your spot is a secret. Not many people know about it. The website is invisibletrailglow.com Hope this helps. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by PAThwacker
I'm a PA WMU 3D public land hunter, and I use my light for safety. Not for stickes in the eye or tripping, but getting lost is easy and getting shot at is even easier.
Really?? the hunting accident records blow that statement to bits. The number of hunters getting shot in the dark are all but zero.
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well I'd consider myself a pretty darn good woodsman, been in places miles from any type of town or?? , deep into the wilds of Alaska, and all over the USA and Canada
and I STILL use a flash light, and always will
I hate getting poked in the eye by twigs, I hunt a TON iof new places all the time and hunted several states every yr for yrs,
learning the area's that well to walk blindly in the dark, IMO is asking for issue's
tree's fall over from today to tomorrow if not in the same day
seen water erode places that were nice and level, exposing roots and rocks to trip over

I also like the FACT that many times hunting PUBLIC lands, that using a flash light allows others to see ME< and ME them
so, itr can also help prevent someone from moving in too close to you, or you them at times!

moving in the dark, using a light just makes things SAFER m, and cannot understand how anyone can bash on a [person for being safe? that's just ignorant logic IMO!
has nothing to do with woodsman ship skills either! it just enables a person to see in the ark better??

after all, who in there right m ind would drive a car without headlights at night, and I don;'t care HOW well you know the way home?
we advanced from not having lights to use, for a reason!

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