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Default Deer Check-In

In your state what is the requirements for checking in deer? About 2-years ago here in the state of Maryland we used to have check-in stations where you had to physically bring your deer to a check-in station with your license and confirmation number. But now our state has gone to a call in system where you call on the phone or check in your deer through the internet. In my opinion we should go back to bringing the deer to a check-in station. I think with this call in system it is too easy for dishonest hunters to cheat. For example, you can't shoot a second buck till after you shoot a doe first. Between firearms season and muzzleloader season we can kill up to 24 deer. There is no way I'm going to kill that many deer. So, if I killed 2-bucks on consecutive days all I would have to do is call in a doe which I didn't even kill. I enjoyed physically checking in deer, got to see what everyone else killed, talked to other hunters about their hunt and got to meet lots of other hunters. The draw back to check-in stations is those people who don't hunt or who are against hunting don't want to see dead deer sitting in the parking lot when they just want to have a cup of coffee. I'd like to know what everyone else thinks on this subject. Thank You.
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I agree with you MD Deerhunter...unfortunaly, DE has done same thing...I think it enables mis-conduct like you said....and another bad side....it removed the social atmospher I love so much about the season....where you can BS with a few folks for an hour or so about the days events....and never known thier name....I just liked the old check stations...and the stories around them....sign of the times I guess....less expensive to operate a phone system.....sad
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There is no check in required In South Dakota.
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In VA deer may be checked in at checking stations, called in by phone, or checked in via internet. For me personally, I like the option of being able to phone in or check in my deer online.

Does it make it easier or encourage cheating? I'm sure it does to some extent. I'm sure some of those who are cheating now were just simply not checking their deer in to start with.
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in wisconsin you have to check in your deer before 5pm the next day at a check in station.... honestly its a PITA, where i hunt the check in stations are located at gas stations and sometimes butchers... the problem is sometimes you'll go to register a deer and the place will be closed by 7 or 8pm. and sometimes they aren't even open sundays.

it really is hard to register a deer sometimes where i hunt.
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Originally Posted by VAhuntr View Post
In VA deer may be checked in at checking stations, called in by phone, or checked in via internet. For me personally, I like the option of being able to phone in or check in my deer online.
Yup. The deer can still be checked in at the stations, but hardly anyone does. The phone is much more convienent, in good and bad ways for me.

But I too really miss the check in stations as they used to be. Just hearing how other hunters have been doing, what they've been seein in their area. It was just fun.
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Kentucky also has a telecheck system to account for the deer. I think it has both pluses and minuses. It is certainly convenient to simply continue with the activities of the day without going to an out of the way check station. However, it gives dishonest people more of a chance to be dishonest. I believe that a poacher is going to break the law no matter what is in place to prevent it.
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They did away with the check stations here in Illinois several years back, also. Now it is by phone or on-line. I always enjoyed hanging out at the checkstations to see what might show up and shoot the bull with other hunters. Kinda hate to see them go.
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As mentioned, no more check-in stations here in Illinois either. The call-in system is a good system simply because of the fact that now when you get a deer you don't have to worry about running it several miles away before they closed. This used to make deer taken in the evening a frustration when you couldn't do anything with your deer until it was officially checked in and then your local check station was already closed for the evening or because it may have been a holiday.

I know that some say that it make it easy for dishonest folks but the KEY WORD is "dishonest".... those folks were/are breakin laws anyway. It isn't a bad system ultimately.
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No check-in in my area unless you are crazy enough to go to one of the state/federal management areas.
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