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Old 09-22-2009, 03:19 PM
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PS yeah that me with the gobbler head and the big smile.....wanna see the video?
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RH160kid, I have to side with you on the most part. I think it has to be explained a little more and Hatracked really doesn't understand it. The pictures are great, I personally think they are awesome and have many pictures like it. I have many pictures of me gutting deer, skinning deer, dragging them out of the woods. I even have a picture of me with a monster doe over my shoulder carry her out of the woods over my shoulder since it was an uphill drag.

Even though they are great pictures, you have to remember this is a public site. Antis can come on here as easy as anyone else and cut and paste the photos onto their anti sites and videos. Now, Hatrack, Im sure where your from is a small town where everyone hunts. I know RH160 is from a state that is one of the most populated in this country and I am from the Suburbs/City of Chicago. You have to understand, we get A LOT of pressure from the anti hunters about changing hunting laws, gun control and such. While the picture may not be a big deal where you are from, pictures posted on the net can get into anti's hands and effect fellow hunters in other states. You wouldn't understand the BS I get at times for being a deer hunter in Chicago. I personally don't care, but I don't want younger hunters to get a bad idea from there friends and the media about hunting.

The moderators put restrictions in the pictures we submit for the big buck contest because they want it to be tasteful and anyone can see them. Everytime an anti comes on this site and sees tasteful pictures they get pissed because it makes the sport of hunting look sophisticated and ethical. When they get grusome pictures its just more fuel for the fire that they are trying to build.

I think if Jeep99 had those heads stuck on a deer laying on the lawn it would be a fine picture to post. Its just not something that should be on a public forum. Just my opinion. Good hunting to all!
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Old 09-24-2009, 03:27 AM
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I think, when the original poster, in the very first sentence of the post, apologized for the pictures, the bar was set.
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Here's the story and i'll share. Ive shot lots of deer and big ones, but this one didnt get away. We do our morning hunts and low and behold someone shot a buck and grazed it but not much blood to be found, so we pushed this gully to try and flush him out when henpecker (nickname) calls on the radio a monster dove over the lake bank and in the mean time took a swing with his muzzeloader but missed. So we started looking up and down the shore line and nothing so everybody left. I got looking out in the lake and as if he didnt swim way out into lake erie. He was gone out there. So i played the waiting game and a couple minutes passed and he swam back in and it was around 100 yrd shot with my cva optima elite off the lake bank and as soon as he was out of the water i put the bullet between the front blades and dropped like a rock. So 2 quads later to put him over the bank we brought him back to camp, called my wife and told her what i got and she was tickled pink but said we couldnt afford to mount it so i cut it at the throat to save the neck roast and well i posted that picture in which is leading to the decison of me taking the picture off, but all said and done i ended up with 200pds of meat from him. He had some battle scars on the side of him. Just a beast. Snookies taxidermist says its one of the biggest hes seen go through his shop ill get him scored one day. Now everyone lets get ready for this up coming season, my goal is a deer with my compound.
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doctor death that is a monster good on ya
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