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Mountain Lion Kills Deer.

Old 09-08-2009, 07:45 AM
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Here is another cat caught deer hunting- Check out http://www.wyomingoutdoorsradio.com/gallery_of_odd.htm for more pictures and a link to another album.

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seriously! where are peta commercials showing this stuff...?
we hunters should get together and advertise the "cruelty of nature" then show a humane rifle kill and say, which do you prefer? ie a deer dropped in its tracks vs. a mtn lion kill...?

Originally Posted by driftrider
That's awesome footage and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

But I think that we should teach mountain lions the wonders of a vegan diet or ban mountain lions alltogether, because that poor, innocent, helpless deer died a cruel and painful death. My rifles are quicker and more "humane" than that, but I'd be called a cruel and evil SOB for shooting that same deer. My new, vegan lion program should only cost a couple billion dollars a year, which is money well spent if we can save one poor defenseless animal from the death grip of those mean mountain lions. Surely the Obama administration would gladly spend a little more of our hard earned tax money for such a "noble" program. I mean, what is a few billion anyway?

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I think some of the people that say hunting is crule to animals need to see that. Great footage!
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The best part was the passengers in the car did nothing and just watch nature do what nature does. I think some people may have tried to interfere.
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Originally Posted by Jimmy S
The best part was the passengers in the car did nothing and just watch nature do what nature does. I think some people may have tried to interfere.
And those who would get between an apex predator and it's kill are complete morons, and will be "Darwin-ed" right out of the gene pool. These people, fortunately, are smart enough not to mess with a hungry, 150 pound wildcat.


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