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Michigan Baiting Law

Old 09-08-2009, 03:02 AM
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Well baiting can get out of hand. I dont care if people bait at all. I do once in a while if things are slow during mid october. Early season I dont feel the need to bait same with during the peak of the rut.
There really is no way to prevent CWD from happening. All the baiting bans do is slow down the spreading process of it. Either way its going to spread wether its through one on one contact, eating off a bait pile, or eating off the same clover field or corn field.
There was an article in one Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine a few years back that reported that in Wisconsin alone, CWD was first detected back in 1968.
CWD pretty much wiped out the elk herd outside Silverton, Colorado back in the 70s and 80s from what I have read as well.
You cant tell me that CWD is bait related....im sure it plays a small roll in the process of spreading it faster but if its there, its there, theres no way to get rid of it until the entire herd is dead....
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Thank you for your input, I just was curious as to where a lot of you stood on the subject seeing I was not here for the topic while it was super hot. I agree with almost all of you on this subject. I would rather work hard at getting a deer than, when the wars come to our country and I have to run north to help my Family survive, and not have any bait to bring the deer in, and be able to say I can provide for my Family Really!

Thanks All
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It isn't legal to bait here, and we do just fine. There are more negatives to the practice than positives anyway.
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I hunt with bait in Michigan's UP, but it is limited bait, probably 3-4 apples (scent) and some oats (6-7 oz)...I do this only to get the does to stop in for a while, to at least slow up the bucks for a shot, I have seen many bucks (without bait) in my area where they are on a tail of a fast moving doe...I hunt a cedar swamp and my shots are limited...this is my way...I also bow hunt in Lower Michigan (without bait of course) and use calls, rattles, etc....with success as well. I think the law is a good law, and will abide with the law not matter how long it stands...if they increase it to include the UP, well then I will do something else to get the does to stop and stay long enough for a good shot at a buck...
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Originally Posted by Stoningtonwhitetail
I hunt with bait in Michigan's UP, but it is limited bait, probably 3-4 apples (scent) and some oats (6-7 oz)...I do this only to get the does to stop in for a while, to at least slow up the bucks for a shot, I have seen many bucks (without bait) in my area where they are on a tail of a fast moving doe..
I completly agree with you here. I don't mind baiting where it is legal, but I def. agree with having a limit to how much you can bait. I few years ago I saw a picture of a bait pile in Michigan that made me sick. A hunting camp was tracking a deer onto a neighbors property and came across a bait pile with, and Im not exagerating, 20 pumpkins, 300 sugar beats, 50 pds of corn, and hundreds of Radishes and apples. It was horrible. I think if baiting was reintroduced, it should be limited to a small amount just to get deer to stop for a few seconds. Maybe a few apples, sugar beats and such. I really think what they should do is allow corn but it has to be spread over a large area and limited to a few gallons (like the former law). With apples and Sugar beats, deer can have a bite then leave the rest for another deer to possibly transmit any diseases. With shelled corn, deer really can't have a bite and leave the rest for another deer, thus less likely to spread any disease. Kind of like acorns and smaller natural deer foods.

The problem right now is the Michigan DNR is so understaffed I hear they are having problem enforcing any baiting laws right now and really just going for poachers and people who are more of a danger (Road hunters and such) This is just what I have heard though.
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Default feeding law

Hey guys I hunt for meat not bone. I bait but only because I love vension. I hunt in a area that dont provide a lot for the deer to eat no crops just cut over timber. I kill does over corn but all of my bucks have been killed a long way from the bait. But it would not bother me if the banned baiting.
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