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Cattle and deer?

Old 09-06-2009, 06:26 AM
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Default Cattle and deer?

I went scouting yesterday and saw alot of cattle in the area i want to hunt. Does this hender my chances of getting a deer? I did see a doe and a spike about .5 mile before we saw the cattle.

Thanks josh
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Old 09-06-2009, 06:35 AM
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The deer likely see those cattle all the time and do not consider them a problem. I know from experience, however, that cows tend to be curious and might walk up on you or your stand if they see you.
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Yes and no. I don't think the cattle in and of themselves hurt the deer much. But you said that this is property that you want to hunt, implying that you might not have permission yet. It has been my experience that while a guy might grant you permission to hunt his ground, he will often times tell you that you can hunt anywhere but where his cows are at.
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Ya know, ive wondered this myself for the longest time(we have 80 head of cattle) and ive come to this conclusion. Ive never seen a deer among cattle, ever. I think it does hurt your chances of seeing deer and i try not to hunt where there is cattle. Also if there is a bull in the area, id bet your not gonna see many bucks. But this is just what i think and i could be completly wrong.
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Default Why I heard of no trespass

Some hunters had trouble spotting the difference.
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In my area cattle and deer are not a good combination.
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I agree with Firehawk. Cows are curious and might make their way to you if they see your or may even follow you...expecting to be fed.

I have never seen deer and the cows "together" where I hunt, but I have hunted the woods by a creek that ran around a large pasture and saw deer inside the woods with cows out in the pasture.
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We raise cattle and still have a lot of deer ,they dont graze together but do use the same fields when the clover is growing good . We also have elk in the same pastures on occasion and they will feed with the cattle .
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I have cattle also and just the other day my wife pointed out to me about the 3 bucks and 5 does that were on the salt licks that I have on pasture...........
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I think it does affect your hunting, I have never had deer remotely close to me when the cattle are near.
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