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would a show like this ever make it.

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This would be great, especially if they showed how they did everything, like they do on the big name shows. Most people don't get yearly opportunities to shoot Boone and Crocketts, so this show would be for the average Joes. I would definatly watch this, and they could probably get like SCI to sponsor, like Shockey.
That would be the coolest thing since ice.
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Originally Posted by kevin1
It wouldn't get aired because no company would sponsor it.
I agree. If it was something that a lot of folks would watch, it would already be on TV.
I too would welcome such a show. But money is the biggest factor. Sponsors pay big bucks and to endorse such a show and unfortunately, not a good investment.

I am also sick of watching hunting shows take place in Texas or over crops in the midwest but that sells because people want to see hugh bucks. One thing you will never see are shows taking place in the northeast. NY, NJ and New England. Too expensive to produce with low kill results. Plus, could these so-called professional hunters come up here, scout with their team with no private land or guides and drag out a bruise like I see elsewhere? I have my doubts.
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I'd watch but sponsorship would be a problem. Maybe if an organization like Whitetails Unlimited sponsored it, and it had a few good corporate sponsors that only sponsored the hunters they already employ to take some does and management deer. But anybody that's established will want to be reimbursed for face time...
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Any show that would be anything close to my every day hunting experiences - I would certainly watch. I watch a lot of the shows that are on the OUT channel and VS but none I watch - can I relate to.
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If they show more than a seconds of hunting footage for the entire 30 min timeslot i'm sure lots of people would watch. am i the only one sick and tired of sitting for 30 min to watch about 2 minutes of hunting footage and the rest crap and advertisements? I literally can dvr a hunting show and fast forward all the junk and watch the actual hunt in less than 5 min. and that 5 min is including the time i spend fast forwarding.
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I'd watch it I mean I LOVE too watch deer hunting so thats deer hunting right? The lack of big bucks wouldnt be as nice but Icould deal for sure.
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ABSOLUTELY! and i agree that if you did a bit of teaching as to where you are and why you picked the spots you are hutning, etc.. I also hunt in WI and I know the brown its down feling.. cause if you dont shoot it, the neighbor will!
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Originally Posted by timbercruiser
The Eastmans are the first ones that come to mind. As far as shooting anything that comes around then Nugent isn't a "horn" hunter although he hunts pens, ranches as well as his own land. I don't think the Joe Blow type of hunts would get sponsors for advertising.
I love The Nugg! He may not be the most skilled hunter or ever hunt free range but he is a great ambassador for hunting and gun owners rights.
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i'd watch that..
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Default shows

KodiakHM is right, there was a show on the OD channel. I believe hunters were from Pennsylvania and they hunted for the enjoyment and meat. They came across just as happy to take a young 4 or 5 point buck as they would a eight pointer.

I actually liked the show, but as some have said, they didn't last long.

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