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bowhunting out of ground blind

Old 08-24-2009, 11:53 AM
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Default bowhunting out of ground blind

what is evrybodies input on hunting out of blinds? i just set a couple up over the weekend. that should be enough time to let things settle down right? my season starts in october, but most of my hunting will be the first two weeks in november. ive seen alot of deer from the ground. i know the best place is in a stand. but the older i get the less i want to be in stands, but i will still be in stands. i askes this question on another site but not much of a response.
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I do a lot of hunting out of blinds. I hunt in planted pines and there aren't many trees big enough to put a stand on yets so they have a real use for me. My season starts mid Oct. and I will put them out about 2 weeks before that its will be plenty of time for the deer to get used to them. Plus south GA gets some bad storms this time of year and I would hate to get out there opening day and find my blind blow away.
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Old 08-24-2009, 12:22 PM
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I hunt out of a ground blind with the kids, or when I'm hunting some places here in Texas where I can't use a climber. I've taken one deer out of a ground blind with a bow. One thing you want is enough room to draw without hitting the back of the blind or scraping the front. It is a little harder when you are 6'5" like me and have a pretty good wingspan. I scared one off last year when the BH scraped against the front of the blind.
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Old 08-24-2009, 12:25 PM
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You have put them out in plenty of time. The deer will get used to them. By the time opening day comes around i have plenty of deer tracks right next to the blind. I usually set mine out about 3 weeks prior. cut the lanes and brush it in real good

I would still play the wind. Killed one at less than three yards last year. Wind was right and the deer had no clue i was in the blind.
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I don't normally use a blind, but this year I think I am going to try it once or twice with my daughter. I think that the blind will help conceal some of her movement, and hopefully make it a little bit more "fun" for her.
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If you have young ones with it works great. I may do a little more hunting out of my blind as well.
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Ive been hunting out of graound blinds for a few years now and they are a blast in the right situation pay careful attention to only open the windows that you need it works best to create a black hole in the blind rather than where the deer can see straight thru
also black clothing works great in there ive got one of the new scentblocker black widow suits for blind hunting this year
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The configuration of the blind is more critical for bow hunters than gunners since you need room to draw, clearance for the recoil, and height to avoid snagging the top. I shoot a 56" recurve, except for open top blinds I can't shoot from any I've tried. If you have a short ATA compound the choices improve, but clearance will still be an issue.
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When you set it up make sure the window you want to be shooting through is facing slightly downhill if possible to provide the best field of view.
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are you guys putting out collapsible blinds lik double bulls or permanent type blinds? i normally set up my blind when i get to my spot and during turkey season had some deer get pretty close, have i been doing it the wrong way? ps-this is going to be my second season so i dont know much
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