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deer and beans

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Default deer and beans

I was wondering when they will eat them,do they like them brown and dried out or green? I know that it may depend on what food sources are available..Also, I was out scouting and it appeared as if the deer were bedding or traveling in the beans about 20 feet 0ff the edge of the field . The beans were smashed down like a path going across the filed in several places and then bigger areas like they bedded down. I never noticed before because it was corn last year. It didnt look like farm machinery
made it. Have not hunted bean fields much obviously LOL..
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Deer will eat the plants as soom as they start having leaves on them and will continue to do so until they turn brown...Now, once beans start turning brown the beans will sometimes pop out of the pod on their own, the deer will also eat the beans once they pop out...They will even move through the field and pick up beans shattered during the harvest, until the beans go bad...

So, deer eat beans for several months, they will also bed in beans once they are waist high and give them cover...I love to hunt bean fields both in the morning and evening...We have one field in particular that I love to hunt in the morning...Once it starts getting light I might see a dozen deer, all are bedded...They will get up and feed for 30 minutes or so, bed down for and hour or so and then get back up and feed...Sometimes it's 11 or so before they leave the field for the woods...Sometimes they bed in the beans all day...

So, if you have beans, hunt them...
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Soybeans are quite possibly the whitetails favorite food. Toss up between white oak acorns, beans, and corn in the fall. Summer its beans hands down.
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in my area in southern wisconsin deer hit the beans very hard in two different times. The first is when the beans are about 12 to 18 inches high. This is in the summer. Beans are not as favorable once past that stage. The second is late season standing bean fields. When its cold and the snow is deep i have had 7 shooter bucks hitting a half acre patch of beans in late december. they seems to absolutely flock to them. Those are the two times when i have experenced the most activity in beans.
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