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long range

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Default long range

Hey guys whats up quick question. Not sure if this belongs in another forum but here it goes. What do you, or how do you define long range shooting.(rifles that is) Also, what is to far.
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With my savage muzzleloader I would call 275+ long range. My abolt in 270 win will go to 400 yds before I consider it long range. To me if you need to KNOW the exact range, wind speed, altitude, its long range. If you its still close enough to judge the holdover and still be on the animal then its not.
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With my BP rifle 100 yards,with my 30-06 300 yards.I know it can shoot further but would not be sure of "me".
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I, personally, consider any range beyond which an adjustment either to the elevation of the scope or a shift in the point of aim is necessary to hit the animal in questions vitals. For my muzzleloader(a Savage 10ML-II), this is 200 yards on deer. For the .30-06 it's about 275 yards, and for the .257 Weatherby Mag it's about 340 yards. I sight my rifles in for Max Point Blank Range (MPBR), and use +/- 3" for the size of the kill zone for deer (6" across). This is intentionally a bit smaller than the actual vital zone of a deer (which is actually about 10" across on a mature deer), to account for group size and aiming error. Anything beyond the above ranges I'd have to either adjust the scope or use holdover, which I classify as "long range" shooting.

This is not to say that my working definition of long range shooting is applicable to anyone else. To a guy like Ridge Runner, a 340 yard shot at a deer is practically pistol range (JK, RR, but close!), truly a chip shot. Me, I'd be hesitant to take it unless the conditions were perfect.

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Long range depends on the equipment being used,and the skill of the shooter.What is long range to one person,is an easy shot for another person.
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thanks guys. this was a question that i was arguing with my brother. you guys all have the same opinion that i do. He feels that long range is a given distance without the added variable of the weapon.
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