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Camo set

Old 07-29-2009, 10:05 AM
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Default Camo set

Im looking to buy a set of camo that I can wear most of the deer season with out having to have several different sets. The temp. in our area ranges from 45-70 degrees F in bow season to 25-55 degree F most the rest of the season. Can anyone recommend a good quality set.
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I cannot think of any single suit that would do the trick from 70F down to 25F or so. Every "insulated" combo I know of does not have a way to remove the insulation from the bottoms, though some have a combo coat/jacket set up. So I would suggest a relatively light weight soft, "silent" outer shell bib and coat that is both water proof and can serve as a decent wind breaker. Then layer up under it with high quality LJ's. I have such a set-up that does me fine to about 20F. Then for really cold ... or cold and very windy weather, I ahve a typical water proof insulated bib and coat combo.

The uninsulated bib/coat combo gets a ton of use. I bought it through Cabela's. I think it was marketed as "Silent Hide" or something like that. Several folks market such a combo ... Columbia, 10X , Red Head , etc. Mine will not will not hold out driving, heavy rain all that well. I get wet around the shulders and upper leg. I seldom hunt in this sort of weather so this is no big deal. But a typical rain shower, sleet or snow it does fine. If you decide to layer up with LJ's, if you did not know already, stay away from cotton. In cold weather, cotton can be really bad news. It holds moisture and therefore if wet will draw off body heat like an ice bath! Stay with a product of wool-poly blends, or such. These are a bit pricey, running about $50 and up for a top & bottom, but should last for years if taken care of propely, and do a fine job of keeping a person warm with relatively light weight.
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If you really have to narrow it down to just one, I would probably be considering some type of zip up coverall that is big enough to layer underneath for colder temps, but light weight enough for those 70+ degree days in early season. If they're big enough, you can cover a multitude of layers underneath without worrying if you're cammoed well enough. If you are narrowing it down to just one pair, I would probably further look at one of the water repellent brands. That would keep you out in most any weather. The trade off is that it will be a little warmer in the early season.
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Personally, I would just get some of the camo that Wal-Mart sells. They're stuff is light and should be fine for hot weather.
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That's a pretty extreme range for 1 set of clothing. I would check out these guys:

You could probably make something work with Bibs and their regular coat as long as you layered with some good under gear, like cabelas polar fleece extreme for real cold, and polypropelene for warmer temps. They make rain gear also.

I like the natural gear for the many different scenarios/terrains they can keep you concealed in.
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I agree w/some overalls, wear alone when warm and then layer up for colder temps. I like the predator fall grey or ASAT patterns very versatile
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Get 1 set of light weight camo that is 1 size larger than you normal wear.
The larger size may not be very stylish in 70 degree weather but who cares... you're hunting after all. Loose fitting clothing is also generally cooler than tigher clothes.
You can then dress in layers with the camo as the outer layer as the weather gets colder. Dressing in layers in both the warmest and most flexible way to dress in colder weather.
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I have recently read about natural gear and it looks awesome! I agree with the whole bib set because you can put as little or as much clothing on under it. As well, look into some ASAT and adjust your layers under your pants and jacket accordingly.
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Whatever you choose; use these as outside layer.


Hope this helps
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