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Deer attractents

Old 07-16-2009, 05:06 PM
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Default Deer attractents

There are so many to chose from.What has been your experience with them?I believe in being as scent free as possible and I do use those products.
I've just never had much luck attracting deer.I remember when Tinks was about the only scent available,about 35 years ago.I did have a 6 point follow me once when using the original Tinks but I had been walking on a deer trail before I walked about 20 yards up the hill and sat down.
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I would use Tinks 69 in the rut and some mock scape drippers in bow and rut season.
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Old 07-17-2009, 05:16 AM
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I've tried HS scent wafers,Tinks 69,and Rickards.None have worked for me.This year I think I'll try again but I'll use an archery deer target along with scent.Maybe if they see that it will convince'em to come on in.
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Old 07-17-2009, 06:12 AM
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IMO, the best time to use lure scents would be during the rut phases. But cover scents should be okay to use anytime. Like fresh earth or ratcoon urine.
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Default Any luck using Code Blue,Border crossing scents,DoeNneed by team fitzgerald

Smoking sticks or any other doe in estrous product.How about mock scrapes?
I want to use it for bowhunting but there are so many on the market these days. I've tried Golden estrous and code blue.I've never tried buck urine or the smoking sticks though.
I can't say I've had much luck using any scent attractant except with Tinks 69,I had a 6 point follow me.
I've been deer hunting for 40+ years.I don't use attractants every year but you never know if a new product just might work better than most.I'm always trying to think of ways to turn things in my favor.
I'm too old to climb tree stands anymore and I have a hard time seeing through the mesh in blinds.I can't sit as long either but I love deer hunting.
The main thing I do is try and stay as scent free as possible and set up in a good area.I would appreciate any opinions though ,Thanks
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I use Knight and Hale Doe Urine (not esterous) as a general cover scent...dribble a little on the soles of my boots...

During the "pre-rut" and "rut" (depending on moon phase around the 1st of November), I use HS Scents Sex Wafer as a cover scent (hang 2-3 about twenty yards around my tree stand) and drag a Knight and Hale double drag line with Tink's 69 and hang in a bush about 20-30 yards away...
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i have used wildlife research products for awhile now and love em .especially trails end 307 .
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I heard from a few different pro's that deer urine is deer urine.
The estrous scent is no different from the regular urine, so don't waste your money on those special scents. I like to use grunting and rattling to draw them in personally, it works for shure!!!
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I haven't noticed that any one brand of deer pee has worked any better than another, but I have had deer follow my trail or approach me several times while using Deer Dander™ cover scent.
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I use Trailmaker by Bob Kirchner Deer Lures. they'll follow it right to your tree.
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