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calling deers

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Default calling deers

how the heck do u call a deer!? i hav a grunt call and a doe bleat tube but i hav never had any luck w them.
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Default RE: calling deers

Any deer that gets within 200 yards... I call "dead meat".

Seriously though, I've also tried calls, including grunt calls, doe bleats and fawn distress, and have never had any noticeable luck with any of them. It's probably because I don't really know how or when to use them, but now I don't bother. I've always had more success just sitting still and quiet in an area a know deer to frequent.


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Default RE: calling deers

The very first time I ever tried calling deer I used HS's grunt tube and a doe came in.I thought I found the Holy grail.That was about twenty years ago and it's never worked again since.I've tried other grunt tubes bleat calls etc and nothing has worked.Deer passing by will look my way but show no real interest.Rattling will likely work but that attracts a lot of attention from other hunters to so I haven't tried it much.The best time to rattle is when bucks are competing/sparring with each other just before the rut.Throw in other lots of other noise like thrashing leaves,snapping branches,stomping the ground to make it sound realistic.It's best to do this with a partner on private land.Good luck!
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Default RE: calling deers

ive had quite a bit of luck with a h.s. grunt tube and one of those can calls.I really didnt think they would work but ive called in numerous deer with those two calls.For me,it worked depending on what time of the year was obvisouly......From around November 1st throught the end of November was my best time for calling.
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Default RE: calling deers

juist keep trying with the grunt call
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Default RE: calling deers

Deer grunt more often than any other vocalization, and the way they grunt can convey a lot to other nearby deer. Look up a website with audible deer calls and practice grunting. A soft social grunt is a good start, it's non-threatening, piques their curiosity, and all deer do it. Another call to master would be the fawn bleat/bawl.
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Default RE: calling deers

I`ve had good luck with a can call. It was fun watching deer come to it, trying to find that other deer it keeps hearing. My brother last year shot an awesome 8 point that he called in with his can call. We are both sold on it!
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Default RE: calling deers

Praticing and paying attention. I asked my grandfather the same thing several years ago. He told me when ever I would see a deer as long as it didnt seem to be spooked. Try calling to it. I've figured out that its better to make low sounds than loud ones with my calling. But I rarely call blind. If you call blind you cant see the deers reaction. But calling low your more out not to spook it.
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Default RE: calling deers

you need to get a blower/ it is a call that copies a deer that wants to fight or defend its territory thats how i got my buck
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Default RE: calling deers

Try a True Talker with the video.Soft grunts and bleats are the best way to start.Does grunt to the fawns just a little bit higher.
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Quick Reply: calling deers

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