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My best buck, AWESOME!

Old 01-19-2009, 08:42 PM
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Default My best buck, AWESOME!

I am so excited. My dad and I took the last day of the season in Georgia off to hunt. He had never been before. I have hunted the last three seasons. I have fallen in love with the woods and have definitely achieved fully diagnosed buck fever. However this day all I wanted was to take my dad out where he could experience seeing deer in the woods.

So it all started when...

I had to get my girls situated at my mother in laws house. Of course I forgot some medicine and had to go back to the house and to the store. We finally arrived at our hunting spot at 8:20am. We grabbed our gear and started to the stand. Halfway there we saw three doe.

Mission accomplished! But it got better.

We climbed into the stand at 8:30. Within three minutes we saw three more deer.(2 doe and a dark young buck) I was starting to get excited. I was so content with the excitement of my dad getting to see deer I was not even ready for what happened next. Just a few minutes later eight deer jumped out into the firebreak in front of the stand. It was so awesome to watch them eat and play. After a few minutes I leveled the gun at the biggest doe, held my breath, and prepared to squeeze the trigger. Not a slip second before the shot, He walked out. We are talking the biggest deer I have ever seen. But no sooner than he appeared he chased a few doe into the woods out of view. We could still hear him so we waited. Our wait was short lived as he appeared at 80 yards out quartering from right to left towards us. He made it 2/3rds of the way across the break. I called so he would stop and he threw his head in the air. I squeezed the trigger and he dropped right there. Not only did I get the joy of sharing a hunt with my dad but it was the best hunting experience I have ever had. I thank God for the experience. It was AWESOME!

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Default RE: My best buck, AWESOME!

Unique deer, congrats!
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Default RE: My best buck, AWESOME!


some additional info.

16 1/2 inch inside spread
18 inches outside width
18 inches tall
10 point (8 with 2 sticker points at the base of one of the main beams)
190 lbs

This deer was a little bigger last year. A buddy of mine shot at it and hit it in the rear leg. It healed real bad and was kind of mangled. So this deer survived basically as a cripple. Could account for it getting a hair smaller. My buddy said his tines were longer last year. I am still thrilled with him. He has a huge mass. The beams are real thick. The pic doesn't do it justice.
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Default RE: My best buck, AWESOME!

Nice buck man!!! Always great to share the memories with the father. I still get out with my dad pretty regularly and we have shared some great memories as well. Awesome!!!
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Default RE: My best buck, AWESOME!

Welcome to the forum friend and congrats on doing alot of things right.

1. Getting your girls situated with MIL.

2. Making the extra trips back to get the medicine. (First things first - priorities)

3. Getting your Dad out there and sharing time with him.

4. Being patient.

I don't think I even need to ask if you said your prayers.

Oh and before I forget - congrats on the nice buck too.Very cool rack & color to it. Nice size on the body.
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Default RE: My best buck, AWESOME!

Awesome hunt!
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Default RE: My best buck, AWESOME!

Congrats on the nice buck. Mature deer for sure.. Which is COOL...Did you get him aged? With the shot from last year and/or his age may be why he's a bit smaller than last year....

But really Who cares he is great just as he is!
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Default RE: My best buck, AWESOME!

Awesome... nice work.. nice story... cool that it survived the hit from last year and you took the buck.
Great deer.


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Default RE: My best buck, AWESOME!

Thats a big buck brother, congrats

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Default RE: My best buck, AWESOME!

Nice buck congrats
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