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hay bale blinds

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Default hay bale blinds

At our farm we have big 800 pound hay bales, I was wondering if you rolled them into the woods would the deer be afraid of them.

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Default RE: hay bale blinds

I'm guessing your woods are pretty open?
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Default RE: hay bale blinds

Yea the section of the property I was thinking about is a field surrounded by woods, Like is there a way you could like hollow out the middle of a round bail for a bow blind.
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Default RE: hay bale blinds

No,deer are not afraid of hay bales after they been there for a couple weeks.ive seen it done a few times before and deer were taken using them for cover.
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Default RE: hay bale blinds

It shouldn't be a problem. Put the bale where you need it, and let the deer acclimate to it for a while (we do this in late summer to use in Nov.)

They work great in areas with tall weeds/cattails. Think of an elevated ground blind. Tip a bale on edge (flat side down/up), stick 4 metal fence posts in the top of the bale to stretch camouflage burlap around, and sit in the middle on a 5 gallon bucket.

We put a bale in a natural funnel location, and we've shot at least a dozen deer at close range (< 50 yds) over the years doing this.

Good HAY bale will last a couple of years; longer if you cover it. Baled corn husks don't work worth a crap.

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Default RE: hay bale blinds

i have a dog house blind sitting on top of a square bale stack about ten ft off the ground on a hedgerow, works like a charm
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Default RE: hay bale blinds

The wildlife officialsmay consider this baiting if you are using a large haybale(deer will eat hay, and you are putting it in the woods). Do your local and state game laws allow baiting?Deer may be leery of hay bales, as coyotes love to use them for shelter and hunting. Sometimes deer will feed on the hay and also bed next to the bale.

Here is something that may work well. Take two old pieces of plywood and connect them with two hinges so the hinges will be facing you. You now have a cheap and quick blind that can be left in the woods. I know of several who have been sucessful using this method.
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Default RE: hay bale blinds

I got a buddy that used to sit in between a couple of round bales to hunt. They had like 20 round bales and he would slide in between a couple of them and watch a pasture......
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Default RE: hay bale blinds

I sit between two large hay bales every year and the deer don't even seem to be the least bit weary. I too sit in the open on the edge of a cow pasture with a small thicket behind me and to the right of me. Never had a deer spooked from the bales yet.
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Default hay bale blind for deer hunting, turkey hunting--perfect

I've created a hay bale blind after freezing my knuckles off in Kansas during the rifle season---it's not cold, it's the wind that eats you up.

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Quick Reply: hay bale blinds

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