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My teacher helped me out today, you see there were a bunch of people chewing my ear off this morning in my earth science class because i hunt. So finally my teacher said "Yall are all ignerant dont yall see if it wasnt for hunters that deer would over populate and starve them selve, Also you know how many car/deer accidents if it wasnt for hunters so before you start getting on charles' case again get your facts strait."

still using puncuation
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Default RE: cool

The teacher needs to improve on spelling and punctuation.
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Some people just have to find a negative in everything, give the kid a break.

I'm glad your teacher is educated in wildlife management.
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I'm glad your teachers are actually smart, my college professors are nearly all anti gun anti hunting bleeding heart liberals. I think they are, as the famous jerry clower would say, educated beyond their intelligence.
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Do the right thing and ignore the people who aren't as lucky as you are to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle,and by the way where do the idiots think there food comes from beef,pork and chicken and all other meat are raised and slaughtered,atleast being a hunter you are matching your wits and stealthyness against a free roaming animal that is very alert and a fair chase.Next time they say something just ask them what they eat and if they eat any meat other than wild game that is harvested wild,they really dont know what they are eating,there are so many growth hormones injected into chickens and so many additives added to meat that none of us know what we are eating.If they are vegetarians,unless they grow their own vegetables then they dont know what is done to or added to them either.Just dont let them get to you,consider them unaware of what they are missing that you enjoy so much.GOOD HUNTING!!
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ORIGINAL: StruttinGobbler3

I'm glad your teachers are actually smart, my college professors are nearly all anti gun anti hunting bleeding heart liberals. I think they are, as the famous jerry clower would say, educated beyond their intelligence.
Where do you go to school and what's your major? I would say a majority of schools are like that (I'm going to school at KU for my Master's degree and it's definately on the liberal side) but not all of them. I was fortunate enough to attend a small technical college for my bachelors degree (Electrical Engineering) and it was 95 % conservative. I think most engineers are on the conservative side and 80% of the graduates from this school where engineers. It was a welcome relief from all the liberal crap at the school I go to now. Oh BTW, I went to school at the University of Missouri-Rolla (now called Missouri university of Science and Technology).
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I'm a HS math teacher in southern NY, which is a VERY liberal area.
I usually keep my hunting quiet, but one in a while someone says something to me about it and I have an intelligent conversation with them about the benefits ofdeer hunting; herd management so the deer don't starve to death (or eat their expensive shrubs), reduce deer/car accidents and that I'm eating one of the original "organic/free range" meats. They don't all leave with a changed perspective, but I try to come across as a responible hunter, not someone out there flinging arrow and spraying bullets at everything and anything.
Also, many times when I mention the eating of the shrubs, they give me permission to bowhunt their small wood lots where thay live to help get rid of their "pests".

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