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Small Deer

Old 11-24-2008, 11:27 AM
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I totally agree with you on that. I was just playing devils advocate when guys use the excuse that they are putting food on the table for the family as it is their main source of meat because they are broke or down on their luck. That argument will never fly with me unless you do your own processing cuz you can buy beef cheaper.
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Maybe he was hunting with 5 first time hunters and it was what came to them first. Maybe he needs the food. Maybe in his area there are too many does. Maybe he sees a trophey in everything he shoots. Who cares? If the guy dropping them off is happy how is it really any of your business? From the sounds of it, you should be happy. He is leaving all the big ones for you to shoot.
Not trying to argue, but watch Uncle Ted sometime. Just like he says, every one, no matter the size is a trophey or at least could be to someone.
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All I was saying was that if he NEEDS it for food, have him give me a call and I can put him in contact with butchers that will give him a much better deal on beef or pork. NEED implies a financial hardship. As was said earlier, venison is one of the most expensive meats per lb. you will come buy.

As for overpopulation/excessive deer I agree 100%.
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guy brings in 5 deer Biggest 109lbs
I'd say he's got some great venison. I probably would nat have shot the 59lb one, but I've found that the 100-125lb yearling to 1.5 year old does are by far the best eating, which is why I hunt deer, to eat the meat. Anything much older or bigger doesn't taste as good and is too tough. The only thing the 175+ pounders are good for is summer sausage and landjaegers, which is expensive to have made.

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Personally, I don't know why you wouldn't. Its good eating, extremely tender meat. And, IT'S LEGAL!!!!
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If you really think about it venison is the most expensive meat we use. After all the equipment and license fees,food plots, travel,and vacation time i would hate to add up the cost per pound but I'm sure I could eat alot of filet mignon.But I would'nt have it any other way.
I have some people ask me for some deer meat sometime and I will tell them how much do you want It cost about $100.00 per pound!!!
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i agree on the young meat it dont get no better than that. he might not be the guy that is out for the trophy and trophy only.
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I know where I hunt I don't get to much time to size up a deer before its gone. Its extremely think pines and I can only get a shot when they cross the fire breaks and that only last about 3 seconds.

You also never know what circumstances someone is under. I am usually choosey about what I shoot but this year the land owner said he has had too much crop damage and if we don't kill enough he will find some one who will.

So if its legal and in focus its in trouble.
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Default RE: Small Deer

Deer is leaner and more healthy than beef AND personally, I like the flavor of venison better (I realize that I'm in the minority here).
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Default RE: Small Deer

If that guy wants to go and shoot these little does and young deer, I better not hear him complain about not seeing any "big bucks" thats all i'm gonna say.
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