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cost for mount

Old 11-17-2008, 01:07 PM
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Default RE: cost for mount

I charge $310.00 for a standard shoulder mount.

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Default RE: cost for mount


I can definitely see why it only cost $210 for your mount. Like the other guy said it looks terrible. I paid $329 last year before he hiked it up to $349. I havent got it back yet but looking at the ones he was sending out they looked awesome. I wouldnt trust a guy that can get it down in 3 months. Mines been 366 days so far. If you pay anywhere from 300-400 you should be getting a nice job but always check out his work before hand.
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Default RE: cost for mount

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Default RE: cost for mount

I pay $260... My guy does a great job, I have been very pleased with his work. He has my 5th and 6th now.
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Default RE: cost for mount

ORIGINAL: teedub31

I am not doubt you, but obviously the guy you use must not value his own time if all he charges is $175. I just went through 4 catalogs picking out the form I wanted. The cheapest form was $100. So your guy only made $75 bucks??? Not worth the for 2-3 months worth of quality time and effort put into it.

I do taxidermy on the side and I charge 175 for a shoulder mount. Most forms I have seen rarely run over $50 so I dont know which supplier you were looking at.

I mainly do it so cheap cuz I want everyone to be able to afford to have a deer on the wall. Most of the 15 people I have gotten deer from this year said that if they didnt know me, they would have just hacked the antlers off because they cant afford it. I plan on raising the prices next year just atad though, cuz I am thinking about making it my part-time job.

Here are the first few mounts I did.

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Default RE: cost for mount

I forgot to mention the guy that does mine for $175 is my cousin. I only pay for materials and he does the work for free. He has a small shop and stays covered up with business. I don't know what he charges everyone else but he does as good a job as any I have seen. He only does deer and tan hides. He doesn't mess with fishorbirds and stays busy.
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Default RE: cost for mount

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Default RE: cost for mount

Most of the forms I looked at were from Mckenzie. I will say that the guy we use claims that all of the deer he does requires the largest forms possible. He says that Indiana deer have necks that are so big even the 4points need extra large forms. He has done several from Kentuck, Missouri and Tennessee and says that even large rack deer down there don't require the large forms Indiana deer do. Just what he says. He does about 125 mounts annually, so I guess I beleieve him. Would the extra large forms cost more?? I don't know.
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Default RE: cost for mount

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Default RE: cost for mount

My taxi charges $350 for a shoulder mount. He charges me $300 because I have been doing business with him for almost 30 years. He charges $125 for a European mount and $50 to transfer antlers from one mount to another, if possible.
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