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Discussion, Question and Information about Me.

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Discussion, Question and Information about Me.

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Default Discussion, Question and Information about Me.

If your not into reading personal info and just blah blah, scroll down to the ='s, that is where i am asking for advice and help! Have a good one' and good luck to you all throughout your season! Thanks. Please pick a question, or two and answer with your knowledge, as that is what im here for. I am here to gain skills and knowledge through you, which is only earned once you've experienced the real deal. -

Hello, Im John and im new to this website. Im going to start by saying after i wrote this i've realized its becoming a book, lol - so i apologise beforehand. Also let me state, that i spent quite a bit more time writing on here - but i only saved the text once, and wheni went to post this orignally there was an error - I lost a bit of stuff. No worries ( Which ive added again, possible a little more than before )

I have been bowhunting and firearm hunting for a few years... and fishing since i was a toddler at the G.P's lakefront all summer EVERY summer, since they've moved ive come to realize I need to spend more time on the lake.Where im located in Michigan, i am surrounded by lakes, within 10sq miles i could probably find 30 areas to fish, many of which are realativly large, some ponds.My Brother in law has gotton me into hunting. I wouldent say that I am a hunting-holic, but i do enjoy the sights and smells of being isolated within nature, no technology to be seen other than the modern-bow(compound.) Most all of my Equipment i bought with the little money i had when i was 13-14, i used a hand-me-down Darton set at 40 pounds for my first bow.When i was 15 give or take a year i saved up and got myself a P.S.E NOVA SU. I have never been hunting with rifles, mainly because the deer are smaller where your allowed to use Rifles in michigan, and personally I think the idea of killing something from 300 yards away takes away the deers ability to be smart enough to avoid that situation. I have only had one CLEAR opportunity to take a shot on a Buck, I was ground level on one of the ten or so Blinds we created with all natural materials and a handsaw. Although i had an alright opportunity, the deer was around 35-40 Yards away and it was nearing nighttime and my pins were getting low on visability, i shoot thru a peep and have 2 pins set up currently one at 15 one at 25, and the third resting at the bottom waiting to be set for 45 once i get a more accurate and poised with my shooting. Today was opening day for Firearms here, i missed the morning hunt only due to lack of sleep, there was no lack of desire to go.. im just not comfortable with guns and fatigue; i was just truley worried about my mental state with the lack of sleep i've had latley. I managed to get out for the evening hunt, bright and early and to be suprised that i only seen two other vehicles on our stretch of road. Also in the morning, I was told that there were very few vehicles out, but than again we do get there 1.5-2 HRS before Daylight starts to crack.

The problem with hunting state land on opening day around here, ( Oakland County, MI ) Is that every year, same ole' thing happens - An abundence of Orange dots in the fields and thickett. People are everywhere. Last year we counted on the mile or so drive thru the woods around 18 vehicles. This morning i was ready at 3:15 AM, although the land is only about 2-4 Miles away, getting ready includes checking the guns and wearing the right amount of layers, predicting wind, and becoming comfortable with myself that my objective for the day is to kill something, avoiding any odors as much as possible ( Hard With a Dog ). I do enjoy the adrenaline when a deer passes by, and the occasional 5:15am completedarkness with sounds all around that make ya go bonkers with anxiety. A little more about me than ill ask you some questions, seeing as there are probably many very experienced and well balanced hunters on this forum/message board.

I have worked up an image by compiling google image satalitephotos of our hunting area. I do hope you like my use of googles fine technology! Check it out, Ill host a few different sizes!
http://img128.imageshack.us/my.php?image=webthumb2qm0.jpg600X400 - Small Wont be able to read the fine print
http://i33.tinypic.com/2u5dtoo.jpg= 1800x ? Detail!
http://i36.tinypic.com/24lvfro.jpg= 2200x ? DETAIL + HUUGE!
Self made maps w/ a bit of info Hope you Like it!
I am including an image i've worked up, took about 15 minutes to piece all of the screenshots together to combine into one large viewable area of our normal hunting area. The map does this place no justice, there are multiple elevation changes, ridges, flats... you name it. One thing you'll notice that is missing from our normal area is avaliable water, yes its within 1/4-1/2-3/4 Miles away from where our designated meet up and park area is. We meet there because people do not normally park there, and the avalibility to our spots, kind of acts like a junction in a way. Also there is water to the South, probably 2 1/2 - 3 miles SE. I was very apt to including a legend of our treestands, which we have quite a few of out there, but i became worried about theifs with a map to seven treestands, instead ill just show where our natural groundblinds are. Some of you probably dont care to read this book, and ive noticed on here most/all comments are short and get to the point.. As you've noticed im a little different, sorry for the book.
If you're interested at taking a look at the image, i marked the spot I have chosen to persue ALL throughout firearms. In my novice opinion, i couldent belive anybody else found this place to be a goldmine, other than the fact that it is VERY, VERY, close to the no-shoot line due to a home. In the picture it may look like the homeowners land extends past the home and into where im Hunting, This area is for sure State-Owned, and Huntable. Within the Zoom'd in portion of the photo consists of very large, wide panning pinetrees, the darker grayish areas below the Large-Mid pine, are bedding areas, ya know that fluffy light chesthigh grass you always spook deer out of when your scouting before bow-season. I have made my way back there only time before today, and i did not explore it as well as i should have, because i find this spot sweeet. There are many unnatural occurences within the zoomed area, it seems the state once installed a cemented in large grilling area for recreational users, a little bit of ******* dumping by a concrete layer whom needed to ditch some slabs of concrete, and a dirtbike mini-circuit. But the thing about this place that i love is the Elevation change. To get there on one side is a 45' upward slope that extends nearly 200 yards, heavily wooded and at the top a little bit open, but not too open. Within this area during my evening hunt i managed to come across many beds, 2 rubs and a saturn sized scrape. Also someone has done the liberty of making a very complex natural groundblind ( and they left seats in there too, but i have to think nobody has gone there in years, because the chair broke when i sat on it and the pepsi can had a logo from yeaaars ago,) that overlooks a second ridge South of the pines, near the other home. The reason i do like this spot so much is the fact that throughout all the years of hunting here, i havent seen noticable amounts of food, but over here there are Berrys and such thick greens around. I came across a steaming pile of poop, a few bedding areas. A scrape the size of a saturn haha and a nice Rub.
QUESTIONS +++++++++
How does a WhiteTail's behavoir change from early spring into - oct / nov when it starts getting cold?
If theres one question i would have answered, this would be it. What happens to a deer in the months when it starts getting cold? Its my understanding that they basically get.. like Horny? Want to start mating and such and their all prancing around figuring out whos the dominant male and such, fighting over does - Marking territory? So what does this state do to their movement?

If you spook a deer with a missed shot,Will they return?Have you ever spooked the hell out of a deer, with a missed shot or a low arrow, or just getting to your stand early and jumping them? Are they prone to hard feelings about a certain area, perhaps where it happens on occasion?

Do you think deer are smart? Are deer capable of making observations in your opinion, Perhaps noticing that the Orange vest your wearing doesent match the tree your in, or that the day before that GroundBlind was not there... Or catching on to when people are coming into the woods ( state land - people often use the same junction ) or Once season has started, do they know? I mean with bow it wouldent be easy to tell unless they just observe an increase of people walking throught their land, but once GunSeason starts, and as you know if you hunt public land - You' be hearin quite a few shots throught the morning and an hour before dark it gets crazy with shots? In your opinion do they know?

Smoking while hunting. - Is smoking while you hunt a real problem?

The importance of Odor controll? Pet dander, Smoking, Cologne- Is it really worth buying scentlock, instead of just keeping your camo isolated?

Eating in the woods? Someone once told me when i offered them a ROLO before we got our bows out that eating something with that much sugar wasnt good, Scent wise.

Sights - Pin vs Red Dot?I like the fact that its really hard to distrub your pins while doing everyday hunting stuff taking it out of the case - reeling it up to your stand and such, Compared to a heavy ( not so heavy, but you still know its there ) Red-Dot scope?
Are the red-dots worth the price?

Rain,Wind, Snow & Abnormally warm temperatures? So ive been wondering, and this is one of the more important questions i could have asked you fella's ( n ' ladies probably a few here ) What do deer do when Its raining, stay down longer? Get up Earlier?
Move Less, Same with snow.. But the weird question is, what happens when its about to snow, been cold for weeks, and the the temp. gets to about 55'-62' Degrees for a few days, How are the deer going to react to that?

How well do deer smell? - I know once i've left my stand i occasionally smoke in the woods, and once ive lefted my area im not trying to be too quiet. Frequently i will get a deer trying to sniff me out, with that unmistakeable noise they make, and its not always that close.

How well do deer hear, if not just their ability to hear..Are they always paying attention? - I've jumped a deer once, and while walking around ( well get to the walking around thing next ) I answered the phone, after spooking the deer and believing it to run across the road, started walking. Well i picked my head up and there she was.. no farther than 15 feet from me, but once she SEEN me, she took off into the swamp/thickkkkkket/no-shoot area. But how could i have gotton so close, without her knowing at first?

Sitting Vs. Walking Quietly Vs. Pushing.
What has worked best for you, for us ... unbelievable it has been Walking, not always intentional, but on the way out to lunch time and your not thinking clear - and boom theres a doe and two babies type thing. I've personally seen more deer walking around in sometimes just one day, than all the times ive sat quietly in a ground blind or stand. Also multiple times have there been shooting opportunites, but there was always a greedy person ( LOL ) infront of me who pulled back/noticed first. I know i might sound a bit retarded by thinking that walking around a path in the woods is as effective as scouting out a great area, but i just dont know. I've seen it work multiple times with shotgun and once with bow. Of course your going to have a much better chance at getting a clear, easy and fatal shot off when they walk into you, unexpecting, but i just have seen so, so, many more deer when walking.

Ridges & Gulleys vs Secluded within thick trees
Ive always felt that if i were sitting atop a ridge overlooking a gulley or just a plain ole' ridge, with a large viewing angle would be better than perhaps a perma-stand ( built into a tree if i didnt get that across ) within a very thick area with only a few possible angles to shoot. What do you think? Open, but still hidden, or Hidden, Deep in cover and tree.

Am i getting annoying yet? Lol just seeing if your paying attention If your actually still with me, just pick a question and give me your thoughts.

Trailcam on public land? I know their are people out there willing to take rather than earn, but thats not the point, well it kind of is, but Have you ever attempted this? Has one been stolen from you, even on your own land? How durable are these cameras to withstand perhaps freezing rain or snow? Do you think if i put the Trail Camera up say.. 8-10-12 Feet pointing downward, where it would be more noticable than lower, but harder toget.. that someone would still take it?

Tink' - Use of urine based synethics? Does this stuff work? Perhaps i got a Buck, or evena doe for that matter, Would its urinesak be usefull if bottled? Have you taken your kills Bladder and used it for scent?

Carrying a powerful flashlight? I know when im into the thickstuff chest/headhigh I really dont like having just one of those pen lights, it doesent cut it for me... but i know the problem with having a powerful light is the suspicion of spotting if you came across a D.N.R ( Department of natural resources ) with a deer, and knowing that i get out so Early 45mins-1hr before light sometimes sooner if im feelin good about somethin, that by doing that alone your rising suspicion.

Should i get off my ass and get ready? Yeah its only 3:05 but i need to prepare, make sure nobody has to wait for me? Have you got a fella' you hunt with that is regularly late or just plain forgetful which delays your arrival time to the woods? ( Just looking for something to spark a comment if im just boring all of you, Everyone loves to nag

Are these questions stupid? Tell me what you think about this thread, am i an Idiot? The self-doubt and acceptence thing is getting to me? Are they all ganna laugh at the kid who wrote a book on his first post? The newbie who asks questions google could answer or a simple search of the forum? Well the thing is i know about searching, but i want the most UP-TO-DATE, and freshest answers you could give me.

Cuddeback vs. StealthCam vs. Moultrie? I have overlooked almost every thread, pretty darnd sure it was every thread this Messageboard has with Trailcameras, and these are the ones ive seen. Perhaps I wanted to see the buck thats ****ting all over my Fathers back yard the size of your fist... Its a residential subdivison but it wouldent be stolen.. it is not hunting land, im just curious if he would be worth.. the..ya know...yeah.

Do they make an Unstealable/Undestructable Trailcam? I know those words arent really good for discussing something like a digital camera? But are there any companys that make a really hard to snatch and grab camera? Perhaps steel laced, or one perhaps that you have to tighten with a security bolt/ Key so hard that boltcutters couldent even grab it? And if the theif gets pissed maybe one thats both hard to grab and withstand a beating surley not a slug though.

Using Rattles and Grunt calls before you actually see the deer? Is this useful, the use of grunts and rattle's before seeing the deer( I personally dont carry around synthetic antlers or real ones, but a mere small bag of either hollow or lightweight wood that sounds about the same )

Kid, why do you ask so many question, why dont you just research - HA! If you dont know the answer to this, your just skimming - READ! Atleast the questions! LOL! Im Too happy for 3 and quarter am!

I've personally never gotton into buying Hundred dollar boots? But are they worth it? Has anyone come across a good manufactuer? - I know mike, my brother in law - Has tried multiple brands out of Cabelas which with each trial from the moment they get out of the box he tests them. He fills up the bathtub to the correct and Stated Level of water which the boots say they can withstand 100% of water. And each set has failed - Even when he stands in there for just a few moments water reaches the inner sole either immediatley or with a little time. Have you found boots that could withstand deep puddles, or even treading swamps ?

Who is this mike guy? Haha- Mike is my brother in law, and he has been my Hunting mentor. From teaching me basics, and telling me things, and showing me he actually knows what hes talking about by using up all his tags every year on state land without touching a piece of private soil, that he knows how to get it done. Do i ask him multiple questions like this? Nah, id rather let the info come out when its neccesary, but with you fellas it can come anytime.

20Ga. Vs- 12Ga. I wouldent think otherwise, but does anyone here prefer a 20 Gauge shotgun over a 12 gauge for any reason?
Im using these slugs for the 12g. Called Federal Premium Sabot 3 1/2I. Anyone have anything to say about this brand, could you reffer me to a cheaper, yet better slug?


Please, dont be overwelmed with all the questions. If you feel you have an answer to one of them, please dont neglect - just spend a moment and help out a novice. Thanks for you time if you've gone thru this whole post. Tell me what you think about my map perhaps... Anyways Good Luck to all who will read this before their morning hunt, you damn dedicated WhiteTailDeer.com Fellas!

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Default RE: Discussion, Question and Information about Me.

well, i can tell you this... a 20 guage will knock em flat.
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Default RE: Discussion, Question and Information about Me.

Welcome to the board. You probably liked War & Peace didn't you? Too long of a post, you need to get to the point.
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Default RE: Discussion, Question and Information about Me.

well I actually took the time to read all that and make a reply but I got an error and don't feel like re-writing the message at the moment.
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Default RE: Discussion, Question and Information about Me.

ORIGINAL: moose1915

well, i can tell you this... a 20 guage will knock em flat.
Sure would, compared to the Winchester 1400 SA I decided to take with me today, without bullets. I managed to scrape up 1 slug and 2 BS, had a hell of a lot of 20 gauge shells.
I took mike up to my spot today, we jumped a buck - i ran diagnoly was sure i turned the safty up, buck stopped perfectly in front of me, and trigger wouldent budge - i was lined up on the heart almost immediatley, ****ty. Seen seven deer today - 1 fawn 4 doe 2 buck -
So by the time i looked down at the gun to get the safty off, it had taken off and mike began his chase, mike stopped the deer stopped - 110 yards. Immediatley after mike shot another gun went off somewhere, guy in a climbing treestand using a muzzleloader - Both missed.

I had the perfect freakin shot, i couldent believe myself. Used my one slug on a Large Doe - Miss > 95 yards - overshot by like a foot ( could see it in the tree, guessing about a foot )
Immediatley after the miss on the doe, well she stared at me for a while, didnt even budge when i shot, haha what a trooper.. she had another deer behind her - couldent see what it was so it didnt count.
I didnt even make it 100 yards after my shot before 4 deer came running down the slope and disappeared before i could make it to the ridge quietly to get a clean shot. Not to mention extremely low visability due to thiiiiick fluffy snow with nearly no wind throughout the whole day.

Theres always tomorrow!

LOL i learned the hardway to always, always copy my post before hitting submit/ok whatever!
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Default RE: Discussion, Question and Information about Me.

ORIGINAL: timbercruiser
Too long of a post, you need to get to the point.
Thats exactly what I was thinking way to long [&:][8D]
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