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I'll try again...

Old 11-10-2008, 04:56 PM
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Default RE: I'll try again...

This my second year hunting too, and I have never even seena deer while hunting. Just sit and wait, and your time will come, and mine will too.
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Default RE: I'll try again...

if you want them to get you way you can always set up a road block in their path and make a wide open trail between the two and they will take the easy way .... use the stuff u cut to make the trail to block the other one and if you need more you can just go clipin subtle things and make a "wall"
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Default RE: I'll try again...

find a better spot? If ur rifle hunting and just want to shoot a deer,set up ur stand on the edge of a cut corn field or somethiing and im sure youl see deer.
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Default RE: I'll try again...

Well I'm hunting in the City and bows the only legal way... Oh and their isn't any cornfields...
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Default RE: I'll try again...

You got to keep at it. You can't just give up. I didn't shoot my first deer till November of my 1st year hunting. I was starting to get depressed and everything, but I stuck it out and got it done. Then it all got better after that. The next year I took my first buck and then I was really hooked. The most important thing is cover scent. You will need that. Since it's the rut or pre-rut, set out doe and buck scent. Rattle, grunt, and use a doe can or bleatcall. Keep at it and you will get that 1st deer. That's what you need to get hooked, then when you get your 1st buck, you be hooked the rest of the way. Good luck to you.
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Default RE: I'll try again...

Ok so today I go for a walk and spook a monster buck. It happened too fast for me to even pull my bow up. So I go home happy that I seen a deer. My buddy comes over wanting to use my little hand saw so he can cut some shooting lanes and so I go with him... While we are there, 2 go right by us about 40 yards away and then a buck came through sniffing the ground like a coon dog or something. So I asked my buddy do they always come in from that way and he said they come from the south and the east of his spot. So I asked if I could set my stand to the north east and he was O.K with it. I setup overlooking a gulley and fell asleep in my stand and wake up to a 4pointer 10 yards away so it startled me and I started moving too fast, so he ran away. I then was able to call him back in with my doe bleat. Now he's about 25 yards away, and I pulled my bow back and let it rip... Sadly to say I missed, and broke my arrow...
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