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Top 10 Deer Camp Pranks 2008

Old 11-04-2008, 08:56 AM
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Default Top 10 Deer Camp Pranks 2008

These are the top 10 Deer Camp Pranks for 2008 as described by some of you Sick people out there.....

1. Chicken Bullion cube in the shower head, no matter how many times they take a shower they can't get the smell off.

2. Telling a story about how rifle cartridges only explode when then thrown in a fire, while holding a .22 caliber cartridge in your fingers in everyone's view (this makes people uneasy), and when nobody believes you. You get their attention by saying: "Look, Here I'll show you and you toss a Black cat firecracker not the .22 cartridge in the fire quickly. Everyone thinks it's the .22 you were rolling around in your fingers. It explodes, just watch people run from the campfire.

3. Set up a large realistic paper decoy or realistic buck decoy off in the distance the night before the hunt. Set it up in front of the new guys stand or box blind. When he sun comes up, listen for the sound show to start. Remember to only do this if this person has already bagged a buck. You'd hate to ruin someones hunt if they are still on the prowl.

4. Rubber Snake with fishing line attached to toilet seat, jumping out when seat is lifted.

5. Covering the Toilet Seat with Saran Wrap.
Put a Wooden or Rubber realistic snake in the new guy's sleeping bag.

6. Setting alarm clock forward as to wake everyone up earlier, but think it's later.

7. Mounted Buck Head out in distance at a difficult angle and shot from stand or box blind. Hunter waits and waits for buck to come out for better shot but it never happens.

8. Decoy of Monster Buck in tent with the new guy after he's been drinking and passes out.

9. Ice cube in a sock torture, hand a sock with ice cubes in it over your buddy and watch him be tortured for a while as the drops start to fall.

10. Put a Wooden or Rubber realistic snake in the new guy's sleeping bag.

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Old 11-04-2008, 09:08 AM
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Default RE: Top 10 Deer Camp Pranks 2008

I'm pretty sure nobody has any better pranks to describe out there!!!
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Old 11-04-2008, 10:37 AM
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Default RE: Top 10 Deer Camp Pranks 2008

One year we put a dummy in one of the die hard hunters stands (he worked on getting this stand prepped all summer). He was out there 1 1/2 hrs before daylight and came across someone in his stand. At first he said he walked away and then got pissed and then went back; started talking to the guy, then started yelling as there was no response. Finally went up the stand and found the dummy.

Another prank we were gonna do but never did was our buddy had a stand about 75 yards behind the cabin. We were going to put christmas lights up in it and run extension cords back to the cabin. Oncehe got in turn the lights on from the cabin.
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Default RE: Top 10 Deer Camp Pranks 2008

Never tried this, but one I thought about is turning the guys stand around 180 degrees so its facing the opposite direction when he gets there.
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Old 11-05-2008, 11:33 AM
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Default RE: Top 10 Deer Camp Pranks 2008

Holy S#&$!!!! I think your idea about using a mannequin/dummy and placing it in a person's stand or blind is funny as heck. I think you just took over #1 .....
Sorry # 10 you rubber snake,but you are out now!

There is a new champ in town!!
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Default RE: Top 10 Deer Camp Pranks 2008

Get a guirrila (sp?) suit on and walk in front of a trail cam. He will think he got a picture of Sasquatch. We did this, and he spit out his beer he was so surprised. At first he didnt believe his eyes, but we pretended to be surprised also and he was scared to go walking in the woods in the dark!

ps - and you HAVE to make sure there are no hunters in the woods at the time you do it
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Default RE: Top 10 Deer Camp Pranks 2008

How about taking the blowhard's brand new supermag rifle apart and removing the firing pin? This works especially well on the know-it-all that simply had said rifle boresighted and didn't bother actually shooting it.
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Default RE: Top 10 Deer Camp Pranks 2008

We had a 12 year old, first year hunter in our camp last year. Opening day night we all got a poker game going and celebrated those who got deer that day. The kid had the old beginners poker luck and took some rather large pots that night. Around midnight we were startin to wrap up and get ready for bed. When someone suggested we should have got a late night "snipe" hunt organizied. Chuckles, we had a 12 year old taker respond with... "whats snipe hunting?" So we got the kid a BIG black plastic garbage bag and a flashlight and said come on, we will show you. lmao! Took the BIG poker winner several hundred yards out in the woods and told him to kneel down with the bag wide open and to hold the flashlight in such way that the bag is illuminated. snipe like bright lights! we will drive to ya and the snipe will run right in the bag and we got him! He did everything exactly like we told him and we left him there and went back to camp. We sucked a couple beers and decided to start our "drive" with a camera in hand we got up to him and he was still there waiting when we snapped a pic and all said gotcha! another great year in deer camp!

heres a link for the ol "snipe" hunt trick. maybe someone will have takers in camp this year. http://home.att.net/~coledon/snipe.htm
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Default RE: Top 10 Deer Camp Pranks 2008

HOLY....$@!& that is hilarious!!!
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Default RE: Top 10 Deer Camp Pranks 2008

Ididn't do this next one while hunting, I did it while hiking...it would work the same for a hunting trip as well

I had a a few guys that I use to hike with..one day my buddy says his brother in law wants to come out, so we meet up on a Fri. afternoon load up the trucks forbit short of a 4 hour drive to the mountains..the whole time my this new guy is talking about how he is this hot s**t outdoors man and can find his way out of any woods and so on, and so on..so we got to where we were going and set up camp for the night, getting ready to hikethe next day..once this guy was asleep we took his compass apart..my other buddy found small magnet and smashed it up to smaller bits..we took the bottom cover off his compass andstuck the magnet shavings in side of it ..due east..put it all back together and bedded down. The next day we split up and gave a time to meet back at camp..so we set off..then about 120 yardsout I meet up with everyone but the brother in law...we started to watch him where we could see him but he didn't know we where there...he must have walked about 250 yard out of camp and from there he just keep going in circles, at one point he sat down and looked really worried, we still left him alone after about 2 hours he lost it and reached for his pocket and started blowing a whistle..we ran right over to him, laughing the whole way..when we got close to him we saw he was so worked up he had tears in his eyes, we felt a bitbad but oh well, we headedback to camp, the whole 45min walk back he was swearing us up and down, that night we all covered his bar tab to make it up to him
for some reason he never wanted to go out hiking with us again

and we still have the compass that only reads one direction..we got only after he got pissed and threw at us

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