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Default RE: How long to soak deer

I will skin it and 1/4 it as soon as possible. I usually will pack it in my ice chest for at least 3 days either draining the water 2x a day or opening the drain valve and tilting it on edge to drain by itself, also replacing ice as necessary. I may also hang it in a meat cooler that is kept above freezing but below 40. I had 1 butcher tell me not to hang more than 5 days but all butchers that I have spoken with always told me not to soak in salt. I really don't know howmany daysyou can let 1 hang above freezing temps? What is the max?
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Default RE: How long to soak deer

I've not soaked one either but for my wifes sake will this work on previously frozen deer meat? She does not like deer meat being a city girl.
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Default RE: How long to soak deer

I've never heard of soaking deer. We always 1/4 them and put it in the spare fridge too. The meat always tastes fine to me. I've always been told that water is the main cause of bacteria. How much ice do you normally have to use to soak it in the cooler?
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Default RE: How long to soak deer

We butcher the deer that we kill as soon as possible. never heard of soaking it until now. i do not know if i would try it. hanging deer to let it age is a traditional thing in my opinion. i have found that the longer the skin in on the deer the more it tastes like they smell 'gamey'. if you were to hang a deer to age it i wouldsuggest to take thehide off. otherwisecut it up within hours or skin it and cut it up the next day if you have to.. mho.
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Default RE: How long to soak deer

I hunt where it is cold during my season, MN. We usually skin the deer right away, let them hang over night in the 20-35 degree weather then start to process
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Default RE: How long to soak deer

I soak it till I want it cleaned up. Nov. 8 I filled my blackpowder tag with a nice doe, skinned her, took the good meat and only soaked tit for about 6 hours. Now it is packaged and I have a batch of jerky on the go. I think it depends on the animal. A rutting buck I would probably let hang a little while, then let it soak in salt water at least a day.
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