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Whats wrong with it?

Old 10-26-2008, 06:11 PM
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Default Whats wrong with it?

This subject has been disputed since my father began hunting. I read on a different post that said:

"Nice pile of corn... hey if its legal have at it"

I've started a new thread because I don't want to hijack that thread. Anyway, what are your opinions on baiting deer? A corn pile in my opinion isnt any less "fair chase" than hunting a deer highway that leads to a food plot, or using doe urine during the rut.

I'm sure there will be some arguements.
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Old 10-26-2008, 06:36 PM
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Default RE: Whats wrong with it?

Your right.. even tho i don't bait ..ONLY because the place i hunt has cattleand it would only draw thecowsto my spot lol..I have thought alot about the whole baiting debate.. and reached the same conclusion you have.. of course.. there will always be those who will say.. it isn't fair.. or its too easy.. altho i have always failed to see why.. the feed is out.. now figure out what time to be there .... it by no means guarantees a deer.. let alone a trophy buck.. still work to be done to achieve a successful hunt..
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Default RE: Whats wrong with it?

illegal to bait anything in VA. but i do use urine and i have no food plots. i just hunt a field with grass in it and a forest full of acorns
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Default RE: Whats wrong with it?

well in MS it is illegal to bait, however may ppl do it. it is so bad that if u go to an ag store or somewhere like one if u say u need a bag or yellow acorns they now exactly what u mean... but i agree because its just like a foodplot only its not growin.. guess ill have to start planting feild cornand like ted nugent once said it help to cull deer... and hes right because u wont always see deer but u will see some that u proboly wouldnt see otherwise and it lets u be selective about which ones u want to breed
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Default RE: Whats wrong with it?

While I see your point on the corn pile issue, the use of sex or food scents, which is really essentially baiting also, but is in a whole different ballpark IMO. If you start taking too much away, what's morally acceptable...and to whom? Should you be able to use man-made bleat calls or grunt calls or only calls that are made from corn cobs and sticks? Those are tricking the deer as well. Rattling antlers, calls, even treestands. We could go on with that for days and bicker about what should and shouldn't be allowed,and I agree with what you're saying, but as long as each state has different rules dictating the deer hunt in that given state, I don't know if we can sit here and knock it....whether we agree with it or not. Many people P&M about the dog hunts down south. I'm not in a position to disagree with it so I stay out of it.

For the record, it's illegal in parts of my state to bait at all, and in some areas a 2 gallon maximum is allotted. And you're right, it's nottruly nothunting per se in my opinion either, but plenty are out there doing it and until they tell me it can't be done...there's nothing I can do about it anyway.
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Default RE: Whats wrong with it?

ORIGINAL: Canned Heat

Many people P&M about the dog hunts down south. I'm not in a position to disagree with it so I stay out of it.
yea ive never understood y ppl dont like the fact that we run dogs in the south... i mean dont get me wrong it has its drawbacks such as deer go nocturnal quicker adn it gets harder to still hunt but as durin the rut the bucksmove nomater what ... sorry but i felt i had to get that out
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Default RE: Whats wrong with it?

If a corn pile is legal where you hunt, then go for it if you want to.
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Default RE: Whats wrong with it?

I think my issues with deer baiting stem more from the CWD scare that was a few years ago. I dont use anything but calls and scents and sit in treestands and so fourth, it doesn't take much more for me to see deer. I live on 400 acres of food plot, or should i say corn fields, grandpa always tells me that theres no reason for food plots when they eat the corn all year lol. I do think there is a difference between those that decide to bait and dokill large deer off corn piles, and lose that truley take on the challenge of out minding a Monster buck, without trying to set up a Mcdonalds for Ronald McBUCK! Just my 2 cents.
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Default RE: Whats wrong with it?

If it's legal, and you choose to do it, have at it. Not my cup of tea. IMHO, huge difference between 20 acre food plot and pile of bait. I compare it to a hit man looking to off someone, and the only chance is doing it at a restaurant. The vic dines at two places: One, a one seat cafe next to a big window, the other a restaurant with seating for 200 hundred. which is the hitman going to try for?
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Default RE: Whats wrong with it?

I put out a feered last year as it is legal here. I've never had food plots or feeders before. I have used scents a time or two but only once can I say it worked and it may have been the bleet call I used.

I hunted near my feeder 2-3 times last year just to see. I actually only put it out because the neihgbor did stuff to draw them away. IMO the corn wasn't all that great. In 3 times of hunting near is I sawzero deer even close to it. Plenty of tree rats but no deer. It did have alot of sign but they must have been there at night. So I gave up and whent back to hunting how I know. Find a travel route or natural food source. Those things work and don't cost a dime. I won't spend a ton on corn (itsexpensive this year anyway) when natural sources work just as well.

Now pouring some out near were I take a kid out hunting...I may spend some money for that as I want the kids to enjoy there hunt. And if by chanceanimals other than tree rats come to the corn sobe it.
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Quick Reply: Whats wrong with it?

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