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Should shotguns have scopes?

Old 10-23-2008, 07:08 PM
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Default Should shotguns have scopes?

Since I started huntingI never believed in putting a scope on a shotgun. I always thought that putting a scope on a shotgun completely defeats the purpose of using a shotgun over a rifle. However, my dad recently bought an 870 express magnum and put a scope on it....and i got to admit,I love it. I want to know how you feel. Do you like having a scope on a shotgun or dont you believe in it????
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Old 10-23-2008, 07:15 PM
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Default RE: Should shotguns have scopes?

No scopes - we need more wounded deer.

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Old 10-23-2008, 07:17 PM
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Default RE: Should shotguns have scopes?

I have an 870 with a fully rifled slug barrel and a scope (on a see thru mount)

To be hinest it is more like a rifle than a shotgun. 3 inch groups at 100 yards. Buckshot isn't legal in Ohio so its slug only.

Nothing wrong with a scope on a shotgun. All depends on how your gonna use it.
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Default RE: Should shotguns have scopes?

Nothing wrong with scopes... and infact it makes my life a bit simpler as the shotguns in my house is shared among me and 2 of the kids.. open sites have to be sited in for each where as a scope is good to go for us all.
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Default RE: Should shotguns have scopes?

Shotguns with slugs have some inherent accuracy limitations. That being the case I think its smart to use the most precise aiming system you can, and for 99 percent of people that's a scope.
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Default RE: Should shotguns have scopes?

Frankly I find it bizarre to see a scope on a shotgun. Never happens here that I know of.
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Default RE: Should shotguns have scopes?

To be honest... it didn't seem right to me at first either. I went ahead and put a fully riffled barrel and scope on my Mossberg 835. Lucked out and found a local die hard "Slug Gun" guy at work and he directed me on what kind of ammo to get. To make a long story short I can hold a 2" group at 100 yards with my setupusing Hornady SST slugs. At $2.80 a trigger pull it better be right on the money...lol

There are slugs out there that can make a clean kill at 150and possibly up to200 yardswith a proper set up on a shotgun. So yea, I have no issue with scopes on a shotgun at all now.

I know I for one am not going to even attempt a 150 yard shot with open sights....

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Default RE: Should shotguns have scopes?

Quick, clean kills are what you should be aiming for...

Scopes are most certainly an added improvement to most shotgunners shooting slugs/sabots over 50 yards+.

"No scopes - we need more wounded deer."

What he said.
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Default RE: Should shotguns have scopes?

I have a Trijicon 1.25-4 scope on my rifled Beretta ES100. I use it as a red dot (x1.25) at close range and switch to x4 when I am anticipating shots up to 150 yards. Trijicon Accupoint scope allows you to aim with both eyes open and I do not have limited field of view at close range.
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Default RE: Should shotguns have scopes?

I have three slug guns, a 1187 and a Mossberg 500 both with scopes. My 870 I have rifle sights. I don't use any of the shotguns much anymore cause I'm using my muzzleloader. I have to have a scope on all my long guns due to some eye surgery I had years ago.....I got no choice.
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Quick Reply: Should shotguns have scopes?

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