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Default Walnuts?

So i have a plethora of walnuts in my yard... i rake them and rake them and rake them and they keep falling... the neighbors goats wont eat them so there is a huge pile of walnuts across the fence... my question is can/will deer eat these? if so imay just dump some out in front of the trail cam.
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Default RE: Walnuts?

Nope, good squirrel food though.
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Default RE: Walnuts?

Guaranteed Pope and Young squirrels with those bad boys. Deer aren't interested though.
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Default RE: Walnuts?

A couple walnut trees right around one of my stands. They make one hell of a racket when they fall. To bad the deer don't like em...
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Default RE: Walnuts?

why not eat them yourself?

boil them in some water to make the shell softer and easierto crack, then pick out the meat. THey actually arent too bad. Ive tried some in the past but simply hit the nut w/ a hammer. that usually takes several whacks.

I didnt know deer wouldnt eat them...i kinda wondered myself.
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Default RE: Walnuts?

Ditto - Not sure about walnuts cause we don't have any where I hunt, but I suspect not because they will not eat hickory nuts either, which are in some ways similar to walnuts.
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Default RE: Walnuts?

Not sure about walnuts cause we don't have any where I hunt, but I suspect not because they will not eat hickory nuts either, which are in some ways similar to walnuts.
You're probably thinking of the walnuts you would buy at the store. The nuts from a black waltnut tree are entirley different. It takes a hammer to get into to one, so there's no way a deer could eat one. Even if cracked it's still a chore to get the meat out. Around here the squirrels don't mess with them unless other nuts are in short supply.
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Default RE: Walnuts?

Are black walnuts the type that look like a greenish yellow fruit, and smells citrusy when you break them open?
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Default RE: Walnuts?

Yes, they usually have a yellow-ish green soft outside. I haven't noticed deer eating them in the past.
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Default RE: Walnuts?

nope...however you can pick them and make a killer bananas walnut bread with them...
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Quick Reply: Walnuts?

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