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World record buck?

Old 09-17-2008, 09:13 AM
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Default World record buck?

September 04, 2008
Exclusive Video: Is This the Walking Record Whitetail?
Now with sharper, cleaner video ...

Can this Buffalo County, Wisconsin, behemoth challenge Milo Hansen’s world record typical buck that scored 213-5/8”? Several whitetail experts think it’s possible. Last week Scott Kirkpatrick, owner of Buffalo County Outfitters (715-533-0943) asked me and a small group of whitetail fanatics to view footage of a giant deer he’d filmed while driving between several of his hunting properties. After picking our collective jaws off the floor, we all agreed this tremendous, free-ranging whitetail certainly has a shot at toppling a record that has stood since 1993.

Among the viewers was Ted Marum, a former outfitter and whitetail fanatic. “Scott had told me the buck was ‘closer to 220” than it is 200,’ before I saw it,” Marum said. “But after I saw the video, 220 inches is selling him short. He’s way bigger than that.” Iowan Steve Snow, who has shot two bucks grossing over 200”, says the buck “will gross over 230” in its sleep.” After adding up the estimated tine-lengths, beam measurements and spread, we’ve arrived at a gross-score for this amazing buck around 240”. Interestingly, this buck was likely filmed by one of Scott’s former guides two summers ago, just across the road from this property. At that time, Kirkpatrick felt the buck would gross-score around 200” and was at least 4-1/2 years old.

Assuming someone actually kills the deer, will a buck that grosses around 240” be large enough to reign over the B&C book? Naturally, it will come down to deductions. Kirkpatrick filmed the buck at a distance of over 400 yards on the evening of August 16th at 8:00 p.m., near a property he leases. Even with a window-mount to steady his Canon camera, Kirkpatrick’s footage is just distant and grainy enough to make a detailed estimate difficult. But if our little group of deer freaks is even close with our guess, the buck is a contender. And regardless of net score, he’s certainly among the largest free-ranging bucks ever caught on tape.
For a more detailed discussion of this buck’s story, check out my deer column in the upcoming November issue of Field & Stream magazine.
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Default RE: World record buck?

Id say he could be in contention but the film like you said is Grainy so its hard to tell but that is one hell of a deer.

I can honestly say it looks like a 200" deer but without looking a bit closer at the tines, he could have alot of deduction points to so...we will wait to see if someone drops that hoss

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Default RE: World record buck?

Its a monster, video is so grainy, but looks to have alot of non typical, dont think it is a world record, but really big!!!!!
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Old 09-17-2008, 09:46 AM
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Default RE: World record buck?

I really don't believe he is a world record. Those estimates of 230-240 are way too high for a typical. He could possibly fall under non-typical, but it's hard to tell from the video. Either way, he is a buck all hunters dream to see or kill.
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Default RE: World record buck?

i dont think it is but its a huge buck...It seems to be more nontypical than typical you can kinda see it a few times in the video
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Default RE: World record buck?

Who gives a crap about records. He is a monster regardless of score
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Default RE: World record buck?

Buffalo county outfitters....nice merchandising of the product.
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Default RE: World record buck?

Huge, that's for sure. Contender for new typical record: doubtful
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Default RE: World record buck?

no matter what i'd shoot that thing! if i could even hit it! i'd be shaking really badly
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Default RE: World record buck?

I'D Pass on it! Yeah My A@#! I'd Blast It, Chase it, do what ever it takes .
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Quick Reply: World record buck?

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