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Fork Horn
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Default C Mere Deer

Hey all I was wondering if anyone has used the C Mere Deeryet,
I tried the deer cane it was good in some areas but untouched in others,
a guy at the bow shop was talking about putting it in a spray bottle and spraying the leaves around his area and some on the ground and with in a few hours he had deer around him !!!!!!!!!!!!
& yes I did ask if he was a spokes man for CMer Deer LOL
But seriously anyone try this stuff or tactics
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Default RE: C Mere Deer

Better check your game laws, some states consider it bait.
Kevin Haendiges
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Default RE: C Mere Deer

Acorn Rage works better in my experience. But better than both- find an old stump, buy some feed salt 80lbs for $10 and mix with dicalcium or monocalcium phosphate $20 for 40 lbs. Add equal amounts. Deer love salt and while they lick at it they consume a key mineral in antler development. Plus the stump soaks up everything leaving no trace behind and lasts for the life of the stump. During the off season add some from time to time, especially from February to July.
I spent nearly every day of my life hunting... the rest have been wasted
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Fork Horn
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Default RE: C Mere Deer

i have never liked c'mere deer. Abuddy of mine did as the bottle said and sprayed it on his corn. A week later when the corn was gone he went on to say,"Man they really ate that corn this stuff works."... i mean come on has anyone ever put out corn and deer not eattin it?? but ive never seen any results from it. I an however a firm believer in deer cocain(or as some jugs say deer cain). It has proven best for me even over mineral salt. Oh one more thing.. if its legal.. corn is always the best attranct and add protein pellets for nutrution(i cant spell).
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