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how much rope

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Default how much rope

i have seen quite a few people on here say to make sure to bring rope with you when out hunting. my questions is about how much rope does everyone bring with them? and is one style of rope any better than another style or is it just a preferance?
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Default RE: how much rope

I use 10-20 ft...I like a soft thicker rope because it is easier on the hands when dragging game...can be used for anything, aid in gutting, getting your stuff up to your tree stand, and many other things. I like black or any other dark color. I stay away from the plastic type ropes, they seem to tear right through your hands and get brittle at cold temps
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Default RE: how much rope

I carry 25 feet. I also keep 300 feet of high strength rope in the vehicle, and it comes in handy from time to time.
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Default RE: how much rope

I usually carry two ropes both about 25 feet long, because most of the time, I'm loading a deer on a four wheeler by myself. I can do it with one rope, but two works better.
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Default RE: how much rope

i carry two ropes that are 30 feet long, coudl be used for anything, dragging game out, loading deer on the fourwheeler, or even for a survival need...
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Default RE: how much rope

I use rope for dragging (if alone) or for hoisting my deer into a tree if I have to leave it, but usually I'm with someone. As a rule I always carry at least 50' of para cord with me when I'm out in the mountains. This is just in case of any need.
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Default RE: how much rope

I carry two ropes myself, I have about a 10' length on my deer drag harness and I keep a 50' length of 500lb test in my pack. Haven't needed it yet but there is always a first. I'd rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it. I just don't feel safe in a climber tree stand without it.
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Default RE: how much rope

I carry 20 feet of paracord, just to pull mybow or gunup/ most areas i hunt are accessible by vehicle to pick up a deer. the remote areas i hunt i just go back and get my nxt shot versa cart when i am successful.
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Default RE: how much rope

It depends. When hunting from a tree, take MORE THAN ENOUGH rope to go all the way up the tree. If not hunting from a tree I usually carry twelve feet. When I drag deer I break off about a 3ft. branch from somewhere and tie the rope to it in the middle. Makes a good handle
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Default RE: how much rope

I carry about 12 feet of 3/8 cotton rope, and a spool of 1/4 nylon rope in the vehicle at all times when hunting.
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Quick Reply: how much rope

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