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What Would You Do ?

Old 08-02-2008, 07:35 AM
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Default What Would You Do ?

What if you heard of or know a 48 to 50 year old man, that has tried and tried to deer hunt.
But he never had someone show the right way to hunt.
He keeps making mistakes.
He see's deer, but what he see's is their tails waveing good bye.
And he asked you to help him learn the right way to hunt.
And he is on disability, and doesn't have much money.
You can vote for more than 1 option.

What would you do ?
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Default RE: What Would You Do ?

no question you help him out. one of the best hunts i have ever had was when one of my best friends told me he had never killed a deer. pretty much the same situation. i took him under and that season he killed his first doe. that was one of the best feelings.
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Default RE: What Would You Do ?

People helped me out before I knew what I was doing so I'd return the favor to someone else.
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Old 08-02-2008, 12:04 PM
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Default RE: What Would You Do ?

I'd just make sure that the guy didn't hunt ANYWHERE near the property I was hunting so inviting him along would not be an option!

However, IF he had a really good property I may offer to help him out in exchange for a few hunts.
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Old 08-02-2008, 12:48 PM
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Default RE: What Would You Do ?

I voted I would help him, but it would really depend on his attitude. If he was willing to listen to what you say and try what you tell him what can it hurt? I always thought one of the great things about this sport was getting others into it, or helping them get better. Last I checked it wasn't a competition to see how much better I was than the other guy, it was a means of controlling the deer population.

Unless you just don't like the guy, I mean if you don't get along with him or like I said he has a bad attitude let him be to continue what he is doing. However if you like the guy and want to see him do better take the time to help him out. Sometimes seeing someone else succeed is just as gratifying as doing it yourself, sometimes more so. The guy that got me into hunting was more excited than I was when I shot my first deer I think. He told me seeing me connect on a deer and knowing he had a hand in it made him feel really good. I have never helped someone and not felt good about it. Unless you get screwed by them, and it does happen. But normally it is worth the risk.

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Default RE: What Would You Do ?

I would take him with me and teach him the ropes.
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Default RE: What Would You Do ?

W.W.J.D. ...... I would try to help him, he asked for help and it is the right thing to do.

He may be on disability, but last time I heard ...... being rich or poor was not a qualifier of who should be able to hunt or how much success they should have or how much friendship we should offer.

God Bless


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Default RE: What Would You Do ?

Disablility or not. He has asked for some assistance so as long as it is not going to mess up your hunt, give him a hand. I've always believed in what goes around, comes around.
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Default RE: What Would You Do ?

ORIGINAL: huntnma

I would take him with me and teach him the ropes.
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