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Neighbor Problems...

Old 07-30-2008, 01:28 PM
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Default Neighbor Problems...

Ok this is a long story kind so be prepared to read but i need some serious help..

I live on 5 acres and so does my neighbor. Im 19 and hes 16. Ok all i do is bow hunt. No guns unless im on 200+acres. Ok he likes to shoot 12 gauge off the front porch at the birds and stuff and hes lesss than 100 feet from our house. My father has been over there once and politely asked him to stop shooting because in virginia you cannot shoot within 600 feet of a house.

Well i called the game warden and he said that i need to get the law enforcement out there to talk to him and help the situation before it escalades. Well if i get him to stop shooting even during hunting season he knows that im in the woods with a bow and he will make enough noise to ruin it all for me. and if i dont make him stop shooting i stand the chance of getting shot because he doesnt care where he shoots if there is a deer.

So i was wondering if you more experienced hunters had any ideas as of to what i can do to make this a peaceful hunting season for myself with out getting in a conflict. Ive personally asked him to stop and his exact words are "dont worry about what i do" So any ideas of what i can do and many people would say call the cops but i dont feel like getting a retaliation brick through my windshield of my car. so i need help
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Default RE: Neighbor Problems...

Well, I would definitely try to get things smoothed over by talking and explaining things with him and maybe his father. After that I would get the local law enforcement involved. I don't think he wants to waste shells $$$$ by just making noise. But that's me. He's sounds like a young punk that doesn't know crap and probably hasn't completed a hunters safety course. Just be sure to document everything he does so you have proof with dates and times. If it gets to bad just tell him I'm going to pay him a visit and he doesn't want that.
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Default RE: Neighbor Problems...

How big a boy is he? After asking nice, if he didn't comply, I'd catch him in the road and whip his @$$.
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Default RE: Neighbor Problems...

ORIGINAL: timbercruiser

How big a boy is he? After asking nice, if he didn't comply, I'd catch him in the road and whip his @$$.
i like this plan lol
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Default RE: Neighbor Problems...

I would ask him politely one more time, then I would get the law involved. Just tell him you think he's a good guy and you have a slight misunderstanding. Tell him your concerns, and listen to his. I always try to reason with people before I get the "law" involved.

Ifhe fails to cooperate I would then take things to the next level. I would call the police and tell them there isa minorin possession of a firearm and heis currently discharging it nearyour residence.
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Default RE: Neighbor Problems...

I would ask nicely one more time then if he doesn't I would have the law enforcement in your area handle it from there on out. I would also when I went to him or his father the last time I would inform them in a nice way that if it doesn't stop you will contact law enforcement and let them handle it from now on.

I would also try and get him on video doing it so there is no questions when the officers come out.

It sounds like you are in a no win situation with this but you don't want him to shoot you or your house just because of some bird or other animal.
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Default RE: Neighbor Problems...

Here in WV it is illegal to fire a gun within 500ft of a dwelling, even if it is your house. The DNR is usually the first respondant in these cases.

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Default RE: Neighbor Problems...

Speak softly and use a bbbbiiiiggggg stick
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Default RE: Neighbor Problems...

Would you call him a friend? If so,and I'm just throwing this out there, what if you woul ask him if he is interested in hunting? Maybe he hasn't had the guidance in the sport of it. Just gone out and shot birds. If he could see the gratification you get out of it then maybe, just maybe you might get him to respect what you are doing and what you are asking of him. Never know, he could become a hunting companion.
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Default RE: Neighbor Problems...

I would talk to his parents. If that doesn't resolve, call the police, that's what they are around for. Make sure to record everything you can, otherwise it will be your word against their word. Unless there is evidence, the police can do very little.

Do not go whoop his a$$ either, you are 19, a legal adult. An adult beating a minor down is not good, you would go to jail.
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Quick Reply: Neighbor Problems...

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