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white oak trees

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Default white oak trees

If u find a white oak with acorns, whould it be better to put a stand in the white oak tree or in a tree around it?
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Default RE: white oak trees

I usually find a tree downwind nearby, or sit on a trail leading in.
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Default RE: white oak trees

Different tree to prevent the deer from coming in under my stand or leaving me with a bad angled shot.
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Default RE: white oak trees

The first thing to know is, "what direction are the prevailing winds going to be coming from during the time period you will be hunting". I would then find an entry trail to the oaks and sit downwind of that trail. Some scouting now will assist in your success.
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Default RE: white oak trees

Not to pile on with what everyone else is saying, but pick a sturdy tree downwind from the white oak that gives you a good view of the area around the specified tree. Also look to see where the deer sign is coming and going so you know the most probable direction of traffic.

Lastly, if the white oak is dropping acorns now, the crop might be depleted by the time opening day comes around. Take a read through PursuitHunter's blog entry on how to find the "Dominant Tree" - i.e. the tree the deer are currently eating under. Its a good and informative read.


Best of luck this coming season.


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Default RE: white oak trees

I have one stand that is 25 yardsdownwind of the white and red oaksthere are 6 trails that run right past my stand .I have deer coming bye me alot and they all take different trails coming in to the oak trees,most of the time i hunt thetre i have a cross wind so that hels alot.
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Default RE: white oak trees

ORIGINAL: tennbuckmaster

If u find a white oak with acorns, whould it be better to put a stand in the white oak tree or in a tree around it?
If there are other hardwoods in the area, then deer will range all across the area, in other words I think it would be stragetically weak to base your stand placement soley on one food source tree. There are more important things to consider.
If I am hunting an area of herdwoods where deer are ranging through and feeding on acorns, I like to (firstand formost always consider the wind)
sit where I got the most real-estate to glass over, but not to close to anypromrnent game trails.
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Default RE: white oak trees

i had the same question last year i have a setup where my ladder stand is twenty yards off this cluster of ancient whiteoaks i've shot a deer there but have had 3 close calls with shooter
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Default RE: white oak trees

white oaks have good nuts that's for sure. they get eaten right fast. heard if you carry a pocket full of stones and throw them every now and the to simulate nuts falling the deer will come to the noise. Never tried it just heard it.
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Default RE: white oak trees

Mag- sound like you've got a good ideal there. Heck it might work.
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Quick Reply: white oak trees

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