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Default Deer Gun Selection help>>>

Deer Gun Choice????

Im planning on getting a gun to deer hunt exclusively or a shotgun that will double as a slug gun.
Heres the deal;

1)I hunt on mostly public land, a little bit of private but its farther away.

2) Most shots arent going to be much more than 50- 75 yds.

I considering a break-open muzzle loader, They look easy to clean and very effective.
2nd choice is a rifle/scope combo..
Im not going to spend alot of$$ on it due to the fact that when i buy gear its usually for 3 people..
Give me your suggestions on brands and calibers, If its a rifle Im thinkin .270, .308, .30-06..
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Default RE: Deer Gun Selection help>>>

If the muzzleloader will give you more time in the woods by extending the season then I would go that rout. I use the T/C Omega in .50 and love it. I have taken deer out to 150 yards. Other wise for the shots that you described why not just stick with the old lever action 30.30 or .35 rem. Both are reliable out to at least 100yrds and the price for the rifle and the ammo is pretty cheap. If you are stuck on the calibers that you listed all are good rounds for deer. I suggest going to a range and shooting each to find the one you are most comfortable with.
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Default RE: Deer Gun Selection help>>>

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Default RE: Deer Gun Selection help>>>

I would suggest a Marlin 30-30 for your situation!!! If you doeverhunt any long distances I would get a scoped .243, 270, 30-06 etc..

Seriously, if you really mainly hunt brush area the lever action 30-30 is one bad dude.
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Default RE: Deer Gun Selection help>>>

If you ever plan down the road to hunt turkey, pheasant, dove, quail, ducks, etc I'd take a hard look at either a Remington 870 combo or a Mossberg 500 combo. Both would serve you well. With a rifled scoped barrel you'd be good well out past 100 yards with the right ammo and practice and plenty good enough for you 50-75 yard shots. I can't hunt with a centerfire due to regulations in Illinois. But I have 3 12 gauge shotguns with field barrels and have bought cantilever rifled barrels for 2 and my 870 has a smoth bore with iron sights for a brush gun. Plus I have two 50cal muzzleloaders. I would love to be able to hunt with a centerfire but forced to use either the shotguns or muzzleloaders. I only have one centerfire rifle, a Winchester 94 30-30 I got from my wife's late uncle. If it wasn't for the aunt giving it to me I'd probably never own one. I'd go with a shotgun........just my 2 cents.
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Default RE: Deer Gun Selection help>>>

lol no doubt remy mod 7 350 mag or remy 7600 35 whelen and have it chopped to 18.5"
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Default RE: Deer Gun Selection help>>>

if your not wanting to spend alot of money a good muzzleloader is good like a traditions their good guns i have hunted with one for years but if you want a riffle then look at the single shots their great guns and around three hundred i have one in 30.06 and it does great
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Default RE: Deer Gun Selection help>>>

mossberg 500 deer combo
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Default RE: Deer Gun Selection help>>>

Soounds like a 50 cal. ML would be a great option. I have a CVA Optima. It shoots great. It is simple, easy to load, easy to clean and mine is very accurate. I have killed several deer out to about 125 ... not a problem.

If you want acenter fire rifle and need to stay on a budget, there are several good opitions. Sounds like a short barrel rifgle would work fine. Look hard at the "used" option. Often you can stumble into a great deal. If you don't mind normal wear and scratches on the stock, you canoften save$150 or more off a new price. If you want new, look at the Savage and Ruger lines. Savage rifles are typically less pricey ... plain, but a fine hunting rifle. Ruger makes a rugged, control feed, accurate, well builtrifle that is priced reasonable.
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Default RE: Deer Gun Selection help>>>

If rifles are legal in your area I wouldn't mess with a slug gun or ML unless you want to use them for the challenge. I use them because I am forced to, but there is no doubt in my mind a centerfire with the proper bullet is a much more efficient weapon.

If you want to save some money look at a Stevens in any caliber you think suits you, .243, 25-06, 7mm-08, .270, .308 or 30-06. In my opinion the 270, .308 and 30-06 are a bit over kill and more recoil than you need for a deer gun but they are very popular.

I would personally go for the Stevens in a .243 and buy a scope separate. Don't get one of the package guns, they come with some pretty cheap scopes on them. And Stevens is made by Savage, basically they are just the older savage 110's which are great guns. I used to have one. I have a Savage 16 in stainless now and like it, but it costs almost twice what a Stevens will cost.

A 30-30 lever gun is a nice gun as well, marlin makes some really nice ones.

You could probably get a rifle, scope and mounts for around 500 ish. And that's assuming a decent 200 dollar hunting scope.

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