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ground blind vs. treestand

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Default ground blind vs. treestand

Do you think you can be as successful in a ground blind as you can be in a treestand? What are some pros and cons of the two?
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Default RE: ground blind vs. treestand

Yes. I use both. Blind: Pro-You can move it easily, protected from weather,and your on a more level shooting path. Con- movements make noise in leaves, unless you have a 360 the fabric between the mesh makes blindspots,harder to see them approaching. Stands: Pro-see more, above their noses. Con-don't drop anything, your up in the weather. Thats all I can think of. Maybe someone else can add more.
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Default RE: ground blind vs. treestand

Weather and taking a kid hunting are about the only positives for me personally. I like being able to see 360 degrees and see further.

Turkey hunting is a different story, love the blind for that.
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Default RE: ground blind vs. treestand

I prefer to be up in a tree so that my scent is off of the ground. With even a small breeze your scent will pass overhead of deer below. Also, with having a climber i feel just as mobile as i would with a blind.
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Default RE: ground blind vs. treestand

A con of the tree stand is thelaws of gravity come into play. But I believe the pros far out weight the cons. I use my climber when hunting by myself. I use a ladder stand and ground blind when hunting with the kids.
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Default RE: ground blind vs. treestand

Both have Pros & Con's.....
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Default RE: ground blind vs. treestand

I like being up a tree. Better for my type of bow hunting. For rifle hunting I am a tracker and don't usually use any blind.
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Default RE: ground blind vs. treestand

i prefer treestands myself
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Default RE: ground blind vs. treestand

I use both and it basicly comes down to your application. For bow hunting I prefer a treestand as well as during ML and rifle season when I'm deep in the woods. During the rut if I'm on a long tree line both work well. Once again it comes down to the situation. If there are no trees available then the blind comes in handy but if a tree is available then it is hard to beat the vision it provides being 20 feet off the ground. As mentioned, I also believe that a tree stand assists in your sent control.
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Default RE: ground blind vs. treestand

With a gun possibly, depends on how far away you set up from where the deer travel. With a bow I think your success rate would be much higher with a properly placed stand vrs a ground blind.

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Quick Reply: ground blind vs. treestand

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