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Default Rookies....

I got a couple of my buddies into deer hunting this year, real good shots, just never applied it to hunting before. They didn't have much luck on a couple places I helped them out with, so I took them out on my "guaranteed spot". We saw about twenty deer. I was acting as the driver, and pushed all of them out in front of these three guys, maybe a hundred ahead of them. I never took a shot since I was so far in the creek. Suddenly I hear 11 shots, sounds like afganistan coming to Kansas.
NOT ONE DEER DROPPED!!!!!!! I'm still giving those boys hell, 5 .308s, 4 7.62x39, and 2 .270 bullets were flying out there, and not one dropped. Oh well, they can always get one next year.
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Default RE: Rookies....

nomercy, that's a funny story. but i bet you were probably shaking your head in disbelief. tell them next time you'll shoot one and tie it to a tree and then let them fire away at it. heeheehee!

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Default RE: Rookies....

Haha, buck fever at its best. It is amazing how much difference in your shot there is between a piece of paper and a living breathing animal.

Good Luck This Season: Buck Magnet
P.S. Only Chuck Adams can sit at home and see deer so get into the woods. =;^)
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Default RE: Rookies....

LOL, this my buddy and I drove a big section out to his relatives from the city. Deer were coming out everywhere, I alone seen two big bucks and several does. I counted 21 shots within a 25 min time period, ended up they got one (140 class) 10ptr. Talk about terrible shots, they couldn't hit anything. lol...but my buddy and I had our laughs for a while. We thought they'd be pilled up all over, the way they were shooting.
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Default RE: Rookies....

hah arookies..i remember when i first started i missed several deer but not that many shots in one day geesh!!
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Default RE: Rookies....

the horns got in there eye's and couldn't see.

I am not a hunter I am a whitetail population reduction specialest

remember keep your back to the sun, your knife sharp, and your powder dry.
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Default RE: Rookies....

Nomercy,That was funny but true sometimes.
Seems it takes more then a good shot and good equipment to take that deer.Our group drives deer also but if we take a new guy he is usually the one getting the first deer.
Of course we put him in one of the best standing spots also.
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Default RE: Rookies....

Nomercy there is no doubt in my mind it was an epidemic of buck fever!!! My uncle had a friend unload his gun into the ground thinking he was shooting at a deer! The guy was a great shot, but the fever got him, he told my uncle he did not understand why the deer just ran and never went down until he saw that he had been plowing the forest floor with 12 gauge slugs!

The Tazman
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Default RE: Rookies....

I have a 13 year old cousin, and this was his first year with a gun. one afternoon, when my uncle was all done they went out and sat together along an edge of a timber. Uncle sees this young buck walking in. cousin gets gun up, uncle is telling him SHOOT, Deer walkes by at 10 yds, no shot, keeps walking, no shot, deer just walks away, unalarmed.

turns out my cousin was wearing Glo-Mitts, and didn't get his fingers out intime!!
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Default RE: Rookies....

I spent about 45 minutes stalking a tree stump one time, I was pretty proud of how I could get close for a shot untill I was in range and saw what my big buck really was.
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