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thehart_cwc 06-23-2008 01:34 PM

RE: Ballistic or

ORIGINAL: Oneshot7

Ballistic tips are deadly and work well, as I have used the winchesters for the past 7 years. I am changing though for lack of a blood trail. They expand so fast that blood is sparse and you are better off on a marginal shot with a corelock. I may also be trying the Fusion, cant remember who makes those right off hand though.;)
Federal manufactures the Fusions. Has anybody else used the Fusion bullet for deer? Last year they were a good buy compared to other "premium bullets", however this year they seem to be much closer in price. How would anybody rate these vs. something like a BT or barnes triple X, or other "premium bullets"?

A11en 06-23-2008 03:17 PM

RE: Ballistic or
nchawkeye - I've shot 3 whitetails and 1 mule deer with the 180 federal accubonds (with my .300 WSM). Twodropped on the spot,and two ran about 50 yards. What was interesting was the two that dropped on the spot were further away (The mule deer was @ 225 yards and dropped like a rock). The two that ran 50 yards were shot at less than 100 yards.

My theory is:
Because the 180gr accubonds are rated for elk / moosed sized gameand its moving at 3000fps, it penetrates a deer without transferring all its engery to the animal if shot from less than 100 yards. When shot from 200+ yards the energy fully transfers resulting in deer dropping instantly. My thinking in switching to a smaller softer bullet is it would provide better energy transfer at shorter ranges on deer, not to mention a flatter trajectory.

In the end, the accubonds are working well, I'm just always striving for perfection.

nchawkeye 06-23-2008 05:55 PM

RE: Ballistic or
I say you are on the right track, too many hunters think that because you use a heavier bullet that you deposit more energy into the deer, there is more to it than that...

You are correct in what is happening, an elk bullet will exit, but after it does, it's through killing...I don't know where you hit the deer you dropped, I'd guess either a high shoulder or high lung shot...I'd bet the construction of the bullet had little to do with how they reacted and would also bet that if you hit them with, say a 130gr Sierra GameKing from a .270 they would have done the same...

I've tried about 10 different bullets on deer with my .243, bullet construction makes a big difference in both wound channel and penetration...

I've got a buddy that insists on using 150gr Nosler Partitions out of his .270, what's funny is that his exit holes are smaller than those out of my .243 and 100gr CoreLokts, his lung shot deer also tend to run further...

With a 300 Mag and 150gr bullets you are going to need to find a bullet that doesn't destroy too much meat at the ranges you tend to shoot them at...

Mojotex 06-23-2008 06:15 PM

RE: Ballistic or
I am "old school" and seldom stray from what has worked. I have used the BT in several loads. Mostly 30 cal. loads (308 Win., 30.06 Spr. , 300 WSM, etc.) I abandoned this bullet as soon as I had used up the supply for reasons already mentioned ..... too rapid an expansion and often a sparse blood trail, even on well placed "boiler room" shot placement. But I will admit, I never lost a single animal and all went down within 200 yards or so. Some right on the spot. But I prefer either the old standby Nosler Partition or the Sierra Game King. I have had some jacket separation with the Game King, but always at very close range. For white tail deer, in my opinion, whatever bullet groups well, as long as it is a mushrooming bullet suitable for medium game it's good to go. I am going to be interested in reading about experiences with these new "bonded" bullets, especially the designs that incorporate a polymer tip.

schoolcraft 06-23-2008 09:40 PM

RE: Ballistic or
I've shot all my deer and hogs with either Remington CorLokts, Speer Grand Slams, and Swift Scirroco's


I shot a buck hot on the trail of a doe a few years ago with a 130gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip out of my .270 at about 60 yards. He was quartering towards me. The FIRST shot entered breaking his right shoulder and took out the lungs. That stopped him from running, but he was still standing. The SECOND shot was broadside right behind the shoulder exiting on the oposite side in the same spot. He jumped and started trying to run away after that.

Needless to say I was already slack-jawed since he had not dropped yet.

The THIRD shot was quartering away. Caught him at the back of the ribs and traveled forward to break the oposite shoulder. That finally made him go down since he had no shoulders left to run with.....but he still had his back legs pushing him forward on the ground. He FINALLY expired while I was trying to reload.

Every other deer or hog shot with the first 3 mentioned bullets has either dropped in their tracks or ran less than 40 yards.

Maybe just coinsidence that it took so much to put this one buck down since he was rilled up going after that doe.....but it turned me away from Ballistic Tips. All three bullets DID NOT exit.

The guy that skinned the buck out just gave me this funny look when he got the hide off of the chest area. He said...."damn.....what did you shoot this sucker with!!!!!!"

The heart, lungs, and shoulders were completely destroyed....but you would never have known it by the deers reaction to the shots.

whitetaildreamer 06-24-2008 01:54 AM

RE: Ballistic or
Ever thought of using the 150 gr. Seirra Game Kings (boat tails). Not expensive to shoot and has always done the job for me when used them in my 7 mm mag. As stated , not an expensive thought to try. Best of luck finding the right combinatiion.

A11en 06-24-2008 04:15 AM

RE: Ballistic or
I love seirra game kings in my .243 and .30-06, but I don't know of a manufacture that loads them in .300 WSM.

cjwink 06-24-2008 01:27 PM

RE: Ballistic or
I don't care for ballistic tips for hunting.. But I would go with the 150 grain bullet in another bullet type.. I like the flatter/faster rounds..

skybuster20ga 06-24-2008 01:36 PM

RE: Ballistic or


But I will admit, I never lost a single animal and all went down within 200 yards or so.

exactly man,thats why i wouldnt use them.thats way to far to carry a bullet in my book. i like fairly larger bores, medium velocity and heavy for cal bullets

i use corelokts in my 350 mag and barnes triple shocks and they drop dead

i use fed tbbc in my whelen and they drop on the spot

my 30-06's i use corelokt 180 round nose and the furthes one has ever went was about 15 yards if that.

if i hit a deer that carried lead 200yds ide be some upset

Zoomer 06-30-2008 01:00 PM

RE: Ballistic or
Hmmmm. I seem to be be the lone wolf on this subject. I have been using Nosler BT's in my -06 for the past 6 years. I prefer the 168 Grains but have shot the 150's as well. Virtually all of the deer shot have been postholed (Dead and dropped where they stood). Only one moved from the place where it was shot and it staggered 10 yards and toppled. Never needed a second shot.

As my Pop's said if it aint broke dont fix it. I have shot many deer with other bullets - both factory stuff and handloads. Others have touched on the subject before but shot placement is paramount. Remember - all factory hunting loads (labelled for deer)are more than adequate for harvesting deer. My Ruger loves the Winchester Ballistic silvertips - so much so that my handloads dont perform any better.

I think were splitting hairs here over which bullet is best. If YOU are more comfortable using something else and it makes you a more confident and ethical hunter than by all means use it. I have walloped deer with 12 guage slugs and 50cal muzzleloader sabots. Now were talking tremendous delivered energies. Put it in the right place and they all work!

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