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Default RE: How do you become a guide?

I have never heard of a guide school and if they do have them, i'm not sure how much you would learn. To be a guide, you have to have access to a lot of property and you have to know the land like the back of your hand. You would have to spend hours and days on the lease to see how animals react to certain conditions so if one of these conditions arrises with a client, you can make adjustments to still have a sucessful hunt or fishing trip. It would be easier to begin a fishing service than a hunting service because you don't have to lease the water. If you know where the fish are, you can take them anytime.

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Default RE: How do you become a guide?

I believe their are courses, etc but am unsure if there is a school for guiding.

I would contact outfitters, try and get a job as a hired hand, you know helping out doing daily duties and then work your way up to a guide. Another thought is during summers work at fishing camp, maybe as a guide, fuel, dock hand, etc. You'll gain experience, references and a base knowledge of the industry. Pretty hard to just be a guide, unless you know somebody that is willing to give you a shot with no experience. Not to mention you are a little young and it may work a bit against your favor until you get a few notchs in the belt (sort of speak).

Be aware being a guide means you like the sport your providing the service for, but it doesn't allow you the time to hunt yourself. Seeing you are actually hunting through others rifles not yours during season. It will hamper your time chasing your own trophies, just so you know. (Been there & done that!!!!)

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Default RE: How do you become a guide?

I don't think there are &quot;guide schools&quot;. You just have to be very familiar with the terrain and animals you are guiding for. You also need to know a lot of first-aid<img src=icon_smile_dead.gif border=0 align=middle> and saftey things.

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Default RE: How do you become a guide?

I mailed a pro guide that I know and will post his answer when I get it.

But yes I do recall hearing that to get a licence and work with or for USO guiding you need certain courses. What they are I do not know.

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Default RE: How do you become a guide?

I looked into guiding when I was your age. There actually was a guide school that I considered in either Montana or Colorado (can't remember at the moment). Fortunately I had the sense to go to college instead, and never did venture into guiding. I think it may have been a fun experience for the short term, but certainly not something I would have liked for the long haul. Working for an outfitter, you can expect poverty wages, exhausting treks, and limited (if any) personal hunting time. If you survive that and learn the business, you may be able to go out on your own and do a little better. Definitely have long term and backup plans.

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Default RE: How do you become a guide?

There are numerous guide/outfitter schools, all the ones I have seen are in the west. I am a booking agent, and one of the Outfitters that I represent also has a guide school. Check out http://www.russellpond.com/guideschool.html Let Joe know I sent you, if you contact him. To actually become a guide probably depends on the state or province that you are considering. I had my Guide's License in New Brunswick, where I was born and raised - you had to pass an exam, and pay a fee. Hope this helps.
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Default RE: How do you become a guide?

Like guides, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of guide schools popping up all over the place.

I would recommend only two places to learn:

Royal Tine Outfitters ( www.royaltine.com) is a great way to start

and ofcourse the legendary Erv Malnarich


most places you need to be 18 and there' s lots of other hoops to jump through, but you' ll figure it out.

good luck and keep playing lotto

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Default RE: How do you become a guide?

How do these guys get paid that work for a guide service? Do they get paid by the job, hour or a salary? I really have no idea about this. thanks
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Default RE: How do you become a guide?

There are several schools you can choose from. I am in the process now of picking a Guide School, you gotta be careful because there are a lot of hacks out there who want you to pay 3 grand to camp out on their property and only teach you how to walk thru woods. Start with Elm Outfitting Guide Training, Inc. at www.huntinfo.com/elm . I' ve found them to be the most promising around. The key is to call and talk with them, they were very informative and all the outfitters they recommend sent me info within 3 days. Good luck Bro!
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