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Do ATV's spook deer?

Old 12-31-2007, 11:20 AM
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Default Do ATV's spook deer?

I live on a farm in Wisconsin. There seems to always be some type of machine running, whether it be a tractor or atv. I drive my atv at least three, four times a week, back where some of my treestands are at. The deer seem to be used to the noise. What do you guys think?
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Old 12-31-2007, 11:34 AM
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Default RE: Do ATV's spook deer?

My personal opinion........from what I have noticed............the deer do not spook to trucks ortractors, but a 4 wheeler DOES spook deer. That has been my eye witness account.

I drive my truck most of the way and then walk to my stand. I use my 4 wheeler for fun, not hunting.
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Old 12-31-2007, 12:26 PM
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Default RE: Do ATV's spook deer?

Even if they don't spook, they associate 4-wheelers with people. You've alerted them that there are people in the area. They'll be more vigilant. Also, you've just added gas/oil smell to your hunting clothing.
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Default RE: Do ATV's spook deer?

last year i hunted on a farm where the deer were used to seeing all types of things,tractors trucks and atv's
i rode my atv to within 50yds of my stand everytime i hunted.after i got there it was straight to the stand and straight back out. i could still my atv while on my stand ,a ladder stand.i saw over 100 deer in 3 weeks from that stand i killed 5 bucks,2 were the biggest i'd seen on the property before the season. i think riding a atv on your hunt property will do far less damage then walking all over it. the deer on this farm smell fumes from all types of vehicles daily alot more then they smell me.
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Default RE: Do ATV's spook deer?

I don't feel the sounds of an ATV are that rare in most deer country. They are used to hearing them and farm equipment. If it were to bother anything it might be a mature dominant buck. I still feel the best way in and out of a stand is quietly on your own 2 feet.
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Default RE: Do ATV's spook deer?

I use a Benz atv silencer on mine just about run over them,quiets it
way down![8D]
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Default RE: Do ATV's spook deer?

I don't think he is saying he rides it to his stand but more that he "pleasure" rides on the same property and in the deer woods. With that said, you will be fine. I have noticed while cutting wood that the deer will actually come in to see what the noise is, same when we had a guy bring in a dozer on my hunting land in MO last year. While he was running the dozer about 7-8 deer came in and just stood there about 20 feet inside the woods and not 75 yards from the guy running the machine. They would hang out there off and on all day long watching him. Just remember if you see them while out riding you don't want to chase them, otherwise they don't see the atv as a threat.
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Default RE: Do ATV's spook deer?

The only time the deer spook is when I stop and check them out. If I keep moving the just look at me and watch me go by!
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Default RE: Do ATV's spook deer?

bowhuntingfool and bhensley nailed it
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Default RE: Do ATV's spook deer?

I do not think it scares deer. This year at the end of the season we drove around to get the seats from are ladders. We were riding ATV's and we had a doe that was beded 15 feet off the trail and stayed there as we pulled up and sat there. She did not spook until we sat there for5 minutes and we made her move.
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