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Favorite hunting spot?

Old 12-13-2007, 10:45 AM
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Default Favorite hunting spot?

What is your favorite hunting spot in the woods?
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Default RE: Favorite hunting spot?

Yes my favorite spot is in the woods!

I know a place where you can sit on this knoll. It drops right off in front of you and you can see this valley that stretches across about 100 yards or so. On the other side is another knoll and it creates a perfect bottleneck.

The deer come up through from the fields and oak flats like clock work. Many times I have watched them running around in there for hours chasing and breeding. I have never seen a deer there in the afternoon, it is a perfect morning spot. THis year on opening day I saw 4 different bucks and 6 or 8 does in a 2 hour time frame. 2 rag horn bucks, a nice 6 pointer that actually bedded down in front of me at the bottom of the knoll and a 2 or 3 year old 8 pointer that never knew I was there. Hopefully he wil saunter through next year when he has some more age and a bigger rack on him. 2 years ago I shot a nice 8 pointer that walked right by me at 20 yards. He never knew what hit him.
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Default RE: Favorite hunting spot?

My favorite spot in the woods is right around these trees and there are some leaves and stuff on the ground that fell off of the trees. Ya, I bet it's the only spot like it in the whole world.
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Default RE: Favorite hunting spot?

I prefer open areas where I can get a good view of the surroundings. Maybe cause I grew up hunting in S. Tx.. Where you usually hunt sendero's, fence lines or gas lines.. Althought I think the woods are a beautiful place to sit.. I like the great open spaces also..
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Default RE: Favorite hunting spot?

Right where my tree stand is located
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Default RE: Favorite hunting spot?

in the swamps or around transition lines
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Default RE: Favorite hunting spot?

My favorite type of spot is where 3 types of habitat are visible from one location. This always involves edge habitat, and it usually involves some type of corner.
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Default RE: Favorite hunting spot?

Natural funnels! whether its terrain, foliage, or whatever...
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Default RE: Favorite hunting spot?

I like fence lines between a timber & hay field.
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Default RE: Favorite hunting spot?

Funnels, Funnels, and more funnels.....no better place to kill a deer and/or a big buck. My favorite funnels are narrow strips of cover between two large bodies of water. Deer will swim if they have to, but most of the time they prefer moving around lakes, ponds, etc.
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