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Melly gets a deer! (Looong post)

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Default Melly gets a deer! (Looong post)

I just started hunting last year, after my mom passed away. Her death was unexpected, and seved as my wakeup call. My new life motto is "No regrets!"
Last year I went out several tims, and never got anything, but still had a wonderful time. It's a very centering, grounding experience. I went out alog a few times also. Last day of deer season last year, I was by som power lines, and climbed up on a stack of lgs, and slipped down one level. That noise was enough to startle a deer out of its bed- all I saw was the white tail as it flipped me "the bird" as it ran. By the time I regained my balance, it was bedded back down somewhere, in the middle of that area which was rather swampy..
This year, opening day, I saw 4 deer- saw one, and got the shakes. I couldn't hold my gun 'cuz I was shaking so bad. I stood, squatted, laid down. Just couldn't steady myself enough to do it. It wasquite aways away, but was a completely unobstructed shot. Between Jay(fiance) and I, we have 3 DMPs and 2 buck tags. I took the shot, it ran. (Total miss!) As it ran one way, 2 deer I hadn't seen ran the othr way. After Jay met me back where I was, he figured out I had tried a shot at about 400yards. Yeah, lesson learned.
Later that day I saw a big boy run across a path in front of me- too fast, too far. (I expect he's the owner of the monster tracks we've been seeing.)
Thanksgiving morning, I went out along. Jay was sleeping, as he was on nights. As planned, I left the radio by the bed, so I could call him if needed. It was raining steadily.
I went in the woods in an area that I usually go. I sat for a little bit in one spot,knowing it wasn't where I was going to stay. Then I decided to go see if any were bedded in the pines- empty beds, with poops. I decided to sit near there. Figured there was a chance they might return and bed down- rainy, not much hunting pressure that day.
So I sat. I heard something coming tearass through the trees, and stood up- a deer cam through, saw me, and stopped up short. I drew up, and said "You're a small one, sorry to do this- but man, are you gonna taste good!" I couldn't see through my scoped- fogged up. So I lowered the gun, and the deer still stood there. So I figured it was meant to be, and took the shot, unscoped. The dang thing was so close, I knew I couldn't miss. (It was about 10yards!!!)
It jumped in a circle, did a semi-shoulder roll. Got up and tried to run, ran another 10-15yards, and down for the count.
Click on the radio: "Jay!"
Him: "mumble mumble...yeah?"
Me: "GETCHER @$$ down here- I FILLED A DOE TAG."

I was thinking it was a dow when I took the shot. Turned out to be a button buck, his nubs were a little over an inch and a half from skull to top. He'd been rubbing them a little, you can see in the pics.
I do feel a tiny bit of regret, about it being a buttonbuck, but the pride overshadows it. I was my first deer, clean shot- took out the top of the aorta. Dressed it myself, with minimal assist and coaching. Dragged it out to the truck myself.
Not sure who is prouder, me or Jay.
here are some pics:

More pics
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Default RE: Melly gets a deer! (Looong post)

WTG Melly.....Sad/Happy story........Nice Doe...........Congrat's
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Default RE: Melly gets a deer! (Looong post)

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Default RE: Melly gets a deer! (Looong post)

nice job
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Default RE: Melly gets a deer! (Looong post)

Good story!
My first deer was a button buck also!
It was very late in the year, so I was willing to take a small doe, and one presented itself.
I still didn't know it was a buck until I went to field dress it and pulled the legs open and thought, Does don't have B$*#S!!!

Congrats! Happy hunting and be safe!
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Default RE: Melly gets a deer! (Looong post)

nice job congrats.

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Default RE: Melly gets a deer! (Looong post)

Congrats on your first one. Many more to come.
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Default RE: Melly gets a deer! (Looong post)

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Default RE: Melly gets a deer! (Looong post)

Nice job congrats to ya
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Default RE: Melly gets a deer! (Looong post)

nice. congrats.
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Quick Reply: Melly gets a deer! (Looong post)

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