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Baiting for deer

Old 11-09-2007, 08:51 AM
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Default Baiting for deer

Ok yall give me some good pointers on this subject, I can go to my favorite spot put a whole 50 lb. bag of apple's out and go in the next morn. and they are gone[8D], Ok i know they coming in at night and eating them but i cant figure out how to get them to change the way they are feeding, we hunt in morning's nothing ,we hunt till dark nothing, they are really good bucks to coming in we've seen there droppings,.we have 1 more week of bow hunting left before gun season , so if n/e one has n/e idea's let me know please... Ty Much Tommy
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Default RE: Baiting for deer

A) i dont really agree with hunting over bait B) I dont know your reasoning or situation behind behind your decision to hunt over bait so i would be ignorant to sit here and lash out at you. Anyway, what time are dumping you apples out? If its in the afternoon then they wont come out till after dark. TRy to drop them out in the middle of the day and that may get them hanging around there in both the morning and afternoon. Good Luck
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Default RE: Baiting for deer

Your gonna get some flack on this topic from people who don't like baiting, but I'll take a shot at an answer for ya. From what I know, it sounds like you are putting out too much bait at once. You don't want to "feed" the deer.You want them to know where they can get some food, but don't over do it. Also, amature buck most likey won't come into the bait pile and eat so don't hunt directly over it. Set up along a well used trail instead. If you attract the does, a buck will be there too, but he won't come into the pile for a shot.
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Default RE: Baiting for deer

Wrong Wrong Wrong You really are taking a backwards approach what you need to know Is exactly what time the deer are feeding try setting up a trail cam on the food plot to find the answer to this question then you want to set on the trail they use to move back and forth to their bedding area hunting over bait is always the wrong idea if not morraly then deffinatly stratigicly
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Default RE: Baiting for deer

Ok before we go n/e further with this we dont hunt OVER the bait ,and here in N.C. we are in the middle of the worst drought in 60 yrs. they are no crops, no big green pastures ,and no acorns what so ever , plus it's against the law 2 hunt directly over a bait pile here as well , you have to be at least 200 yds. from n/e bait PILE ,and another thing is Ithink baiting deer or feeding them is better than the deer running off and dieing from starvation
during the up and coming winter , im sure they alot more deer eat at BAIT PILES then what are killed as well .
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Default RE: Baiting for deer

I would try to hang some of the apples off some tree limbs. Try to pick a pine tree if possible, that way if you get caught, you can say it's a pine-apple tree (just kidding).But make them work for them and they'll last longer. Also, you might want to cut them in halves, then you have twice as many for them to pick up.
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Default RE: Baiting for deer

I run into problems like this in Texas, deer hit the feeders at night, but they stage up in an area near the feeder and come in as soon as it gets dark, so what I did was set up in the areas and trails that they are aprroaching from. I have caught them there during daylight hours.
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Default RE: Baiting for deer

I would imagine deer know exactly when your around the bait, when you drop it, and when you leave. There is no better way to educate deer than baiting. I know I come from the "apple pile" capitol of the deer hunting universe the U.P. of Michigan.
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Default RE: Baiting for deer

Now there is a good idea right there.
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Default RE: Baiting for deer

I've noticed that if I bump the deer off the cornpiles early in the morning, about 5am, they tend to be out moving the trails in the area around noon.
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