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Help a flincher...

Old 01-15-2003, 12:16 PM
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Default Help a flincher...

Buddy of mine at work claims to have a terrible flinching problem when it comes to shooting rifles. It's bad enough to have caused him several deer this past season..He's shooting a .257 Rbts so recoil isn't really that big a problem. I suggested ear muffs at the range and even ear plugs under the muffs. He shoots .22's all summer to prepare for the season but still claims to flinch when the "moment of truth" comes and involves a bigger rifle. I've never seen him shoot but my guess is that he's been "bit by a scope".

What are some good suggestions to help cure his ill?

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Old 01-15-2003, 12:28 PM
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Default RE: Help a flincher...

Shooting is the answer. He is clearly "pulling" the trigger and anticipating the shot. Being prior service and shooting on a team for a few years, the best way to begin breaking this bad habit is to practice squeezing by dry firing while aiming at a target. Graduate to live fire and sqeeze again and not anticipate the shot but be "surprised" by the shot. I have a 257 and there is not any substancial recoil. LOL

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Default RE: Help a flincher...

practice. line up somwhat on the target and then concetrate solely upon the trigger pull. nothing else. just think about squeezing trigger. and then slowly think more and more about the target

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Old 01-15-2003, 01:13 PM
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Default RE: Help a flincher...

Lots of shooting is the answer, there is a technique we used to use at the range that sometimes helps as well. The shooter stays at the bench or in an off hand position while a loader stands behind him with the weapon. The loader allows the shooter to fire one round at a time handing the weapon to the loader between shots. The loader puts a single round in the weapon for each shot for several shots, then one time cycles the action but does not load a round. When the shooter is ready to fire, the loader carefully observes the shooters reaction at the time the trigger is pulled. It becomes clear very rapidly just what is going on with the shooters style. After the shot with no round, you can go several rounds without a load then slip a round in to see if there is any improvement. Use a .22 or the .257 with a light load so recoil will not be a factor then slowly increase the frequency of the live rounds. If the flinch reappears, back off on the live rounds. Practice like this over a period of days or weeks can be a great help.

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Default RE: Help a flincher...

A good trigger job can do wonders also! He might want to try a lighter pull like maybe a 3lb pull.

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Default RE: Help a flincher...

I have to agree that the only thing to cure this is range/shooting time.....practice, practice, practice, and then some! . at targets only! If your friend is going to rifle hunt deer.... he needs to be prepared, and know his rifle.....he needs to know it well, it can be his best friend, or his worst enemy!
That knowledge can make all the difference for a hunt, and most importantly, the animals we hunt, and respect so much, Deer! That knowledge can, and often will make the difference .between a clean kill, and a bad one!
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Default RE: Help a flincher...

I know myself from experience that someone standing behind you encouraging in a calm, firm voice to "Squeeze, Squeeze Squeeze" the trigger can be a great help. I had a terrible time with learning to not "punch" my archery release. I don't rifle hunt much, so I'm not sure how to approach this one.. We've thought of the loader behind the shooter but haven't put it into practice yet.

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Default RE: Help a flincher...

<img src=icon_smile_sad.gif border=0 align=middle> Sorry to hear but maybe your write and he has been bite by a spope or something to make him aried of a gun and tell him to shoot a bb gun and notting will happen and then that might elp him

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Default RE: Help a flincher...

I &quot;cured&quot; my son of the same problem years ago. Go to the range and stand behind him and load the gun a few times and every once and a while don't load it! I started with a .22 and worked up slowly to the biger calibers. This takes a lot of time and paticence but it helped my son a great deal in the long run...<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

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Default RE: Help a flincher...

You know how the old saying goes, &quot;Practice Makes Perfect&quot; I hope he gets over this problem. Good Luck <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>

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