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Default Turnips

This guy I work with tells me all the time that deer love turnips has anyone ever heard this?
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Default RE: Turnips

Two years ago I mixed turnip seeds with a wheat & oat seeds for myhalf-acre fallfood plot. Everything grew real well. The turnipshad lush greens with the turnip tops sticking above ground. The deer ate the wheat and oats and left the turnips alone.I pulled some up and took themhome for the pot. The restrotted in the ground the following summer.
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Default RE: Turnips

Some people say they do and some people say they don't. They say that after a good hard frost they taste sweeter. So, most deer will not hit them until after it's been cold for a while. It probably depends on if they have other stuff to munch on like beans or corn. I planted some this year, but there is nothing around for about a mile for the deer to eat except clover and grass, and not a whole lot of it. This is my first time planting them so I guess I'll see what happens.
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Default RE: Turnips

I planted some expensive Bio-Logic Brasscus and had a few deer eat on it.....and the Father In-law planted some cheap turnips and raddishes in the bottom field and the deer ate the heck out of it and even pulled some of the turnips and raddishes out of the ground trying to eat the tops off.There were tracks all over his turnip patch field so I'm a firm believer in turnips!!!!

I'm sure that the brasscus and turnips are in the same leafy family and the turnips are a very hearty quick growing plant they do very well with a small amount of rain or in low lying areas that have the early morning dew.Last year in the fall I would go hunting in the mornings than walk back by the turnip patch and pull up some turnips,peel themand cut me off a few slices to eat while I waited for any late deer to stop by and feed.
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Default RE: Turnips

I heard from a guy that ran an outfitting business that they "loved them"... Don't know personally though...
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Default RE: Turnips

I herd the same thing ,
Deer will eat the turnips after a good frost .
I planted a few different plots this year and added turnip to them .
I will let you no for sure asap .
Might be in November though ..
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Default RE: Turnips

My neighbor grows different types of greens, spinach and kale in her garden. She says they really tear up the kale and browse the others while they're in there. She asked me to go whack one or two for her when bow season starts.
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Default RE: Turnips

I've tried them here in the middle of SC and the deer usually don't eat them until they bloom at the end of their growing cycle which is about 2 weeks after deer season ends here. If you have an earlier cold season, you might benefit from them.
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Default RE: Turnips

I heard the same thing that deer love turnips. I planted some last year but they never came up, which was my fault because i planted them at the wrong time. Gonna try them again though.
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Default RE: Turnips

Great thanks guys
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Quick Reply: Turnips

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