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Antler rattleing

Old 08-09-2007, 09:53 PM
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Default Antler rattleing

Do any of you rattle antlers to lure in deer? Do you think it works? What are your thoughts on rattlein antlers?
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Default RE: Antler rattleing

Depends on where your at, and the time of year. I personally think your good anytime before and during the rut on whitetails! I would love to hear the opinions from a seasoned mule deer hunter...Although I don't think I would like their answer!!!!
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Default RE: Antler rattleing

I know it works!I have been grunting and rattling in deer for
about 20 years now.I have rattled in large bucks and also small
bucks.I have shot some nice bucks by rattling.I will usually grunt
first then pick up horns and rattle for about 45 seconds and then
lay horns down and then grunt about 5 or 6 more times.Get your
gun ready and always wait at least 45 minutes to see if a deer will
come in.I have had them run in with hair standing up and looking for
a fight and also had them come slowly sneaking in.This method mainly
works best during the prerut season.After the prerut I will then switch
over to using a woods wise grunt tube for buck grunts first and then
turn my primos can bleat call upside down 2 times and then just get
ready as this method has also brought me in does and bucks using this
technique.If nothing comes in wait about 30 minutes and repeat the
grunting sequence again.I learned how to rattle and grunt deer in about
20 years ago watching Roger Raglin and Dan Fitzgerald hunting videos.
It will really work so just watch some quality videos to learn the methods
on how to do it.It will not always work but when it does there is no way
that is more exciting.Just remember that rattling is most effective in the
prerut then after that time is over use a grunt tube and a primos can.
Dont give up just practice and believe it works because it does!Good
luck to you. Mike
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Default RE: Antler rattleing

I'm not a big fan of rattling. I will grunt on occasion.
I heard from somewhere, maybe one of my old biology classes or something, that rattling is usualy on effective in areas where the buck-to-doe ratio was as close to 1:1 as possible.

They had a guy at my old hunting camp who swore that he had sat on the tailgate of his truck to eat some crackers, and the sound of the bag brought in a big buck. I've seen the buck, but i dont knowif his story is bs or not.
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Default RE: Antler rattleing

I have had success with it and actually used a rattle bag. I always have one in my pack and try it when the conditions are right. I like cold crisp mornings with no wind so you can hear them coming. You need a high buck doe ratio like was earlier said.
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Default RE: Antler rattleing

i am a big believer in rattling as long as its done at the right time. Last year the last week of the first archery season was perfect. I had a buck come runing to me just at the sound of me climbing up a tree with my climbing treestand. and then at light i hit the the rattle pack and within 5 minutes i had 2 bucks come running in neither came in bow range. then about an hour and a half later i hit the horns and anice sized6 point come running in. if he wasnt illegal i would have nailed him.
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Default RE: Antler rattleing

i have used them with not very good success.
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Default RE: Antler rattleing

I to like to rattle during the pre-rut . I'll get in my stand about 45 min. before light , as soon as i can see my sights on my bow i'll start rattling for about 30 seconds then wait for about 5-10 sec, then i'll sit there and see if i see any thing coming in mainly downwind or hear anything wait for about 15-min then i'l try agian. I'll do this for the first hour if nothing shows i'll wait till the next morn.
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Default RE: Antler rattleing

Ive never had much success rattleing. Grunting yes but not rattleing...
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Default RE: Antler rattleing

I think it depends on where you hunt and how the deer are . Around here the deer wont even grunt but where I hunt a hour south from here ,, Im in Georgia , Thats the only place I have ever herd one grunt . So im not sure about rattleing ive never tried it .
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