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Default LadderStand?

Is a ladder stand good for bow hunting or will the deers be a little spooked by them. Had a self climber but i didnt feel to safe in it so i traded it to a bow. Went out and bought me a ladderstand and just wonting to get some opinions on whether i should use it while bow hunting. Thanks
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Default RE: LadderStand?

heck yeah a ladder stand is ok.
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Default RE: LadderStand?

Some people use them with great success during archery season. If you dont have to be moving then I would use them if thats what you like. However, if your having to move them, then they can be a pain in the butt, especially when you got several stands in different areas.

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Default RE: LadderStand?

It is not as easy as "is it OK or not?"

Sometimes if you want to do the detective work and getin set a stand and go for the prize - no a ladder isn't a good choice. Being very scent-free and using a climber is.

If you have places where you can set them up and let them be and animals get used to them - go for it.

We did a fresh build on a 16 foot wooden ladder platform today and placed it so that when bow season comes around - hopefully the deer couldn't care less about it. (What a sweet spot! and I'll try to post pics)

Down on the farm we have NUMEROUS ladder stands all over. Deer are taken every year from them.
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Default RE: LadderStand?

I have used ladder stands for years with out any problems. As for the scent issue, last year I had just put up a ladder stand and had climbed up and sat down to check out my shooting lanes when out of nowhere came 2 does each with 2 calves in tow. They walked by no more than 15 yards directly in front of me. I have always tried to be as careful as I could in regard to minimizing scent and will continue to do so. They never did look up at me but I'm sure that my scent was all around. I watched as they just stroled by. I came back to that stand the same evening and harvested a nice 3x3 buck.
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Default RE: LadderStand?

ladder stands rock!
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Default RE: LadderStand?

I've hunted out of a two man ladder stand for years. I like the extra room to turn sideways and relax. I bought a new one last year, sorry I can't remember the make but the front railing actually flips up behind you for bow hunting. I don't bow hunt but like the feature of the front rail.
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Default RE: LadderStand?


The deer wont even know youre there so use that stand.
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Default RE: LadderStand?

I have 7 of them that I use. I hunt on private land , so I can just set them up, andleave them.
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Default RE: LadderStand?

We have 1 ladder stand on our property, and will soon have 2. The deer dont mind them.
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Quick Reply: LadderStand?

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