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What would you do.

Old 07-18-2007, 02:01 PM
Fork Horn
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Default What would you do.

I have been taking my nephew deer hunting with me for the last two seasons. He is 9 years old and is still in search of that first deer. Last year we were moving along a fence row on our way to our hunting spot when we stumbled onto three does on the other side of the fence row. The fence row was very dense so they did not see us. We sat and watched them for about five minutes when a good six point buck came out. My nephew wanted to take the buck, but it was on private property that did not allow hunting. There was no one around and he really wanted to take the deer. I thought about it and decided that it would not be the right thing to take the deer. ShouldI have ignored mymorals andlet him shoot it anyway?
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Default RE: What would you do.

I think you made the right choice because there is always next time and besides he is only 9yrs old so he has plenty of time to take that monster.
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Default RE: What would you do.

You did the right thing young man. You set the best kind of an example for a young hunter that has many, many more years ahead of him, and likely to pass onto youngins in the future as well.
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Default RE: What would you do.

Is this a serious question?

Yeah sure, discard your morals and teach a 9 year old to have bad ethics. Teach him to trespass, poach, and why not get him a good spotlight as well?
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Default RE: What would you do.

i see what hes saying, and he did make the right decision.

i guess he means the buck was very close to the property, but legally not on huntable land. of course if it was on a totally different property, like driving down the street and seeing him on side of road, then it would be completely wrong. but im guessin he means the buck was right over the line, and if he shot him, it could have very well been on the huntable property. i see his dilemma, but in the end, i think the correct deciision was made. but i feel different than farmcounty - he seess it as completely, no way about it there should be no urge to take the shot, i feel as there would be a very big urge but you should be proud that you overcame that urge and let it walk. im sure karma will repay you. just my 2 cents
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Default RE: What would you do.

also, i see what farmcountry is saying especially b/c its a young hunter, and if he sees just a minor, immoral action,then he will grow up beleiving its alright. i would have been incline to shoot the buck if i was by myself, but if the child was there, it made your decision much more smarter for the sake of the young hunters morals - he learned a direct lesson that day regarding morals and hunting
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Default RE: What would you do.

Absolutely you did the right thing. Do not second guess yourself. It may be one little thing this time but you teach by example. What would it be next time. It is so important to do the right thing in front of the one you are mentoring, don't forget, by taking him out there you are his hero. This might sound stupid but how would you look at Superman if he used his x-ray vision to check out young women's change rooms. Just trying to make the point.
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Default RE: What would you do.

Would you really want to have to stand there and explain to your sister/brother how their kid ended up arrested for tresspassing. Sounds pretty clear-cut to me. Now if it was a brushy area with no clearly defined boundaries....[:@]
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Default RE: What would you do.

It was a good choice for sure.
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Default RE: What would you do.

Right decision - everytime. Plus, you taught your son a valuable lesson too!
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