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Default CWD.........Really?

I know I'm not an expert on this issue.
But I happen to read alot, CWD is'nt my general area of expertise

Mchenry county
(these #'s are just an example)

The DNR sharpshoots 100 deer and 2 have CWD.
Now the DNR sharpshoots 400 deer and 7 have CWD.
why do we freak out about 7????
We should be FREAKIN" about the 400!!!

Is CWD the problem or is our over-zealous department finding
ways to alert the community over something that may be naturally
"Same as it ever was?"
Maybe the increase in population brings disease
Just look @ humans.
just my thoughts

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Default RE: CWD.........Really?

I agree with you on the part of over population brings on disease. I know that 400 deer sounds like alot, and it is, but it will probably make for a healthier more stable population. That is the main focus of hunting, to conserve the species. But I do understand what you are saying, there are better ways off trying to find deer with CWD like captureing and testing.
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Default RE: CWD.........Really?

I read a snippet the other day that said Virginia had about a dozen cases of CWD, but I couldn't get the link to open.
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Default RE: CWD.........Really?

my only problem with that is what are they doin with all the deer meat after they test them????? better be givin it away to people whoare in need...then u jus think that something good is being done with them!
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Default RE: CWD.........Really?

i think cwd has been around forever and were now worring about it. It doesn't affect humans if we cook the meat. i think its natures way of reducing numbers
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Default RE: CWD.........Really?

The Wisconsin DNR has openly admited that their efforts to gain control over the CWD in WI was a big time disaster. The dnr tested so many deer for cwd in the state and had only a couple test positive last year. They admit that they lost money on the efforts and it sounds like they may be getting rid of the cwd zones this year but nothing is for sure yet. CWD is an over rated topic. Its been a disease that has been around WI since 1968. its just another scheme for the DNR to make more money. Sure the disease is there, but will it ever go away. I doubt it. Will it get worse. Maybe. Can we do anything about it...no.
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Default RE: CWD.........Really?


i think cwd has been around forever and were now worring about it. It doesn't affect humans if we cook the meat. i think its natures way of reducing numbers
It does not affect now/yet, but mutations are a possibility.
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Default RE: CWD.........Really?

Its in the soil so eradications will not work
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Default RE: CWD.........Really?

If it's in the soil, maybe we should use Naypalm to kill it with heat, I mean, it'll burn down forest, too, but the the ash will serve as fertilizer, and will form a clear-cut in some areas, rich in vegetation, which deer love to eat.

There is, of course, the mutation issue, since Naypalm did cause defects and mutation during the Viet Nam War, or so I heard. Maybe Naypalm never caused mutation, but it was just Agent Orange that did.
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Default RE: CWD.........Really?

well, I think cwd is a problem.
It's believed to be transfered in their syliva
It is a neurological disease that only remains in the deer species.
Here in northern Il, There have been over a hundred confirmed
cwd cases. But I actually have seen the effects of sharpshooting.

Taking 116 deer within 4 square miles really has an effect on hunting.
I would propose the dnr should give a price break on the following deer tags purchased.. ...If you take your deer in to be tested.
Resulting in happy hunters. More tags sold and an easier system that utilizes the deer. And supplies the community with a hands on experience.
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